How To Find Profitable Niche For Affiliate Marketing? – Easy Steps!

Whenever you plan to start doing affiliate marketing or you are actually already doing it, you probably ask yourself how to find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

It is very important to be in a profitable niche if you want to make nice money online.

I was making mistakes at the beginning of my blogging career where I was choosing niches that can’t bring me any money.

You will find on the internet that many online marketing gurus and professionals say that you should choose a niche that you are passionate about, that is maybe true but more important is to choose a profitable niche.

Sure, you can be passionate about history but you will not make any money writing in that niche, maybe some extra cash but nothing you live from.

So in this article, you will learn to choose a profitable niche for your website and I will also present to you some of the most popular but also profitable niches you can use for affiliate marketing to make a decent income.

I also want to emphasize that you don’t need to do affiliate marketing only on the website, if you want you can work on social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. but definitely, the best way would be website.

When you have your own website you can make millions by doing affiliate marketing, I know that because I am making a full-time income with my website and affiliate marketing.

Before getting into profitable niches let’s see first what is actually a niche.

What Is Actually Affiliate Marketing Niche?

I have already said that you must choose a niche if you plan to start doing affiliate marketing. But many people ask me what is a niche and which factors should you use while choosing a niche.

Simply said, a niche is a group of people interested in one specific topic. Let’s say you have fitness equipment, you have folks who are interested in buying fitness equipment that can help them exercise at home.

That is a niche, fitness equipment.

Another example I can give you is making money online from home. You have people who are interested in making money on the internet, that is a group of people who is interested in one topic.

Choose Narrowed Niche

The point with choosing a niche for affiliate marketing is that you should choose a specific (narrowed) niche if you want to succeed faster and make more money.

We have general niches like:

  • Clothes
  • Make money online
  • Pets
  • Fitness
  • Health and care
  • Technology
  • etc

Whatever comes to your mind can be a niche. What you should focus on is choosing a narrowed niche to avoid competition and become an expert on one topic.

Let’s narrow down some niches to give you a perspective on what should you look for:

Clothes = Clothes For Men = Clothes For Men Under 50 = Socks For Men Under 50

Can you see? Do you understand what I think when I say narrowed niche? In this case, if you are interested in the clothes niche you should choose ”socks for men under 50”, that would be your niche.

These are also called micro niches and those niches are the best when it comes to making money from affiliate marketing.

The more specific you are with your targeted audience the more money you can make because you will convert like crazy.

Let’s see one more example when it comes to narrowing down a niche:

Make Money Online = Digital Marketing = Blogging = Blogging For Students

In this case, my specific niche would be blogging for students where I will become an expert in teaching students how to make money with blogging. I can easily become an authority and expert in this niche if I constantly publish new content related to this topic.

That is exactly the goal with narrowed niche, you want to become an expert and authority in the specific niche so that you can rank much better in search engines like Google.

The Advantages Of Choosing a Narrowed Niche

There are definitely many reasons why you should focus on finding a specific niche if you want to do affiliate marketing. I will mention those most important that can and will help you to be a successful affiliate marketer.

  • The specific target audience that will love and trust you

This is so true, I know that because I am in the narrower niche too. I am focused on people who want to make money by starting online businesses like blogging and affiliate marketing.

People like me now because they know that I am an expert in those niches and I am able to help them become successful online too.

When your target audience trusts you, they will eventually buy something through your website IE whatever you are promoting in your chosen niche.

My fellow readers know that I will never offer them something of low quality or trick them into something bad and so I am successful in affiliate marketing, people trust me and have confidence in me which is priceless.

  • You will have better organization and planning

When you are in narrowed niche you will definitely have a better organization in terms of keyword research and publishing high-quality content. When you are in a general niche you will have a lot of problems like finding low competition keywords.

Specific niche gives you the possibility to always have a prepared topic to write about because you will know your target audience.

  • You will rank better

This is definitely my favorite advantage when it comes to choosing a specific, micro niche for affiliate marketing. Google will love you and will certainly give you authority and rank your entire website much higher.

The magic with micro niches is that you will circle around the same topic with your articles which will benefit SEO and overall website quality.

People who choose to write about general niches will need to wait months and even years to break through Google and start getting organic traffic. When you are in a micro niche you will see great results within the first 3 months.

So, How Can You Discover a Profitable Niche?

Before I present to you some of the best niches this year when it comes to affiliate marketing let me tell you how you can find a profitable niche that will make you a nice online income.

It is true that people simply do not know how to choose a niche and that will definitely badly affect their online work and profit.

There are some tips I want to share with you and let you know how I have chosen the niche for my website.

  • Choose what interests you the most

It is very important that you choose a niche that you will enjoy writing about. You can’t choose a niche that is profitable but you hate writing about it, you will not achieve anything I can assure you.

In my case, I enjoy teaching and writing about blogging and affiliate marketing, that is simply my passion and it is profitable too. If you enjoy pets, choose that, if you enjoy photographing, choose that.

This is a long game and you need to stick to it for at least 6 months if you wanna see profit from affiliate marketing.

  • Find what people are interested most about

This is a must. You should look at what is trending and what is popular, you can’t write about things from WW2. Just go to Amazon and see what is selling the best and you will know what niche you can potentially enter.

Sure, you can choose a niche that is not that popular and trending but try to aim to choose an evergreen niche, those niches are golden and will bring you money for years.

  • Check the competition and don’t be afraid of it

Every niche has its competition, that is a fact. You should strive to find a niche with less competition but if you like a topic and you would write even if it has a lot of competition, it’s okay. Go for it.

Remember that where is competition there is money, so big competition means that there are people who are actually making money inside that niche so go for it!

  • Look to choose a micro niche

Do you remember what I was talking about above? Look for the niche you are passionate about but strive to choose the micro niche inside that niche.

With a micro niche, you will succeed at a much faster rate and with that, money will come faster. Affiliate marketing is a great monetization method and you will make it pretty easy if you stick to the micro niche.

  • Choose the niche where money is

This is also very important, you can be passionate as much as you want but if there is no money in that niche you will not make it.

Look what products are there for promotion in that niche, we are in the business of affiliate marketing and it is important that your chosen niche has profitable products or services to promote.

Competition is one of those metrics that will tell you if is there any money in that niche. Just go on Google and type in your niche and if you see ads in the search results that’s great, that means it is profitable

  • Look for affiliate programs in the chosen niche

This is I can say, a crucial thing. Many people are choosing niches and starting working in niches without checking if that niche has affiliate programs or not.

If you want to make money by doing affiliate marketing you can’t do that without an affiliate program. Whenever niche you choose you must apply for an affiliate program to be able to promote products or services and make commissions.

Just type inside Google ”your niche + affiliate program” without quotes and Google will give you sites that are offering affiliate partnerships.

  • Use the Google Trends feature

This Google tool is great for seeing if the niche we wanna enter is profitable or not. Just type your niche inside Google Trends and you will see the graph that is showing you the people’s interest in that niche over time.

If the graph spike is up then it is great and if it is down you should maybe avoid that niche.

As you can see, the most important factors you should look at when choosing a niche are your passion, people’s interests and how profitable is that niche. It’s not hard and you can have your affiliate marketing niche in a matter of minutes. Just do the research.

Now when you know this let me show you one of the best and most popular profitable niches today which you can use to make money with affiliate marketing.

Those niches that I am gonna talk about are the best when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing.

Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing in 2022

The niches you will see below are evergreen niches and you can freely choose whatever niche you like and start making money with affiliate marketing.

1. MMO (Make Money Online) Niche

This is my favorite niche as I am making here a full-time income.

Can you find me some guy who doesn’t want to learn how to make money on the internet? I know you can’t because there are no people out there who would not start making online earnings.

The competition in this niche is brutal but if you choose the micro niche in this niche you will become the next millionaire, I can guarantee that.

Making money online is very general but just go above and check again how I have divided those big niches into micro niches and you will understand how you can do that too.

Don’t even dare to start a website where you will talk about everything related to making money online, just choose the micro niche and you will be fine.

Let me give you an example of narrowing this niche:

Make Money Online = Affiliate Marketing = Affiliate Marketing For Newbies

It would be a great micro niche and you can literally make a living from this niche

If you are asking me what niche you should choose this would be my top recommendation!

2. Health and Personal Care Niche

This niche is the second one where you can make a full time by doing affiliate marketing. There is also no person in the world who would not like to be fit and healthy.

Lately, this niche is being avoided because Google stated in their guidelines that a person must be trustworthy, authoritative, and expert to be able to write in this niche.

This is true and you should definitely avoid choosing a too broad niche. If you choose a micro niche of course you can succeed.

There are a million sub-niches here like personal care, old care, losing weight for teenagers, etc, literally thousands of ideas.

But please, stick to the micro niche, with the broad niche you don’t have a chance, trust me.

3. Pets Care Niche

I am a true lover of pets, I actually have two dogs and a cat and they are my family just like my parents and brother.

Honestly, I don’t know a house that doesn’t have at least one pet.

This niche is also a great opportunity as you can find awesome sub niches like Labrador care, quality food for parrots, cheap toys for cats, etc.

People are spending money like crazy on their pets and they are buying things online and spending thousands of dollars. Imagine the opportunity. You can make a full-time income by doing affiliate marketing in this niche.

again, it is crucial that you choose a micro niche because competition will crush you if you are a newbie who is just starting and focusing on broad topics.

4. Self-Development Niche

The websites in this niche are crushing when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing.

People are tending today to be better versions of themselves and they are looking for many programs and courses on how to self-improve themselves.

If you have even a little passion for this niche go ahead. You will find a bunch of affiliate programs in this niche you can never go out of ideas when it comes to writing.

But don’t forget one thing! Choose the micro-niche of this niche, it will be much easier to rank and become an authority if you stick to the narrowed niche instead of focusing on the general niche.

5. Technology Niche

People are using mobile phones, computers, apps, and many new technologies that are made every year.

There are endless possibilities on what you can promote here and write about.

The Tech niche is growing in popularity every year and believe it or not, mobile app revenues are expected to grow up to $935 Billion, it’s so crazy.

It is very important to choose the micro niche here and focus on a specific target audience if you want to conquer Google in terms of rankings. Competition is high and only micro niches can win here.

I tried to write about a broad niche here and it resulted in 10 months of nothing. Tech giants simply crushed me and that is why you should avoid writing about broad topics.

Have You Already Chosen Affiliate Marketing Niche For You?

I hope that this article helped you to understand how to find a profitable niche for yourself and your website. I maybe forgot to say but yes, you will need a website to do affiliate marketing. You will not succeed without a blog and constant work on it.

As for me, I have chosen the MMO niche and it is one of the most lucrative and profitable niches you can choose when it comes to affiliate marketing. Of course, you MUST choose the micro niche and stick to it and trust me, you will see awesome results.

Do not be afraid of competition, just start writing, do the basic SEO and promote the products relevant to the niche, and be patient. It will pay off only if you are consistent and work hard.

If you want to learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer click on the link below and read my in-depth article on that topic.

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