Write Your Way To Freedom Review – Can It Be Trusted?

Have you ever wanted to become a high-paid freelance writer? Writing content for others can be an amazing thing and you can make a bunch of money by doing that.

I am a freelance writer although my primary job is blogging and affiliate marketing. It is extra cash for me every single month. Sure, you can’t start just like that, you will need to know some things before you start applying and looking for writing gigs.

Here we have a Write Your Way To Freedom course where you can learn how to become a top freelance copywriter and also a blogger. If you can learn how to create amazing content for other why would you not create your own blog and make passive income online?

In this Write Your Way To Freedom review you will find everything about it and most importantly should you invest your money here and whether is it trusted or not.

My name is Daniel and I have reviewed hundreds of online products related to making money online, most online platforms, and courses that promise fast and easy earnings.

I gave a try to Write Your Way To Freedom and in this article, I will share with you my personal experience and give you advice should you stick to this course or if there is a way better alternative.

So, let’s get started.

Write Your Way To Freedom Short Overview

  • Product: Write Your Way To Freedom
  • Type of product: Course about copywriting and freelancing
  • Price: $5.800
  • Owner: Sarah Turner
  • Money back guarantee: 14 days
  • Is it a scam: No
  • Do I recommend it: Yes but there is a better and cheaper alternative

In short, Write Your Way To Freedom is an online course created by Sarah Turner that is supposed to teach you how to make money by writing content for others.

It is actually teaching about becoming a successful copywriter and freelancer who will be making money by writing texts for bloggers or companies who are in need of content.

I am a professional blogger and I know how hard is to write content on regular basis. That is why I also have writers and I pay them to write blog posts for me. They are making a nice income by just writing niche content.

That is the point of this online course, to teach you how to become a successful but also profitable copywriter.

The most important question when it comes to Write Your Way To Freedom is whether this really works and whether can this be some sort of scam.

The point is that if you are on a tight budget this online course will definitely drain your wallet.

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What Is Write Your Way To Freedom?

Write Your Way To Freedom is an online course that will teach you how to start an online business by only writing for other people.

The point of this course is to teach you how to pick a profitable niche and choose the guys who will pay you to write blog content for them.

Although it sounds simple and easy it is not, inside this platform, you will get a bunch of lessons and training on how to become a super successful freelance writer.

What I personally like so much about Write Your Way To Freedom is that it is focused on people who do not have any prior experience in writing or freelancing. Everything is step-by-step and you will find it very easy to follow the lessons.

The main negative thing about this course is its price which I will talk about later in this review. Honestly, you don’t have to pay so much money for learning copywriting but the creator of this course also needs to earn money.

Who Is Sarah Turner? Is She a Trustful Person?

You probably know that most of the online courses about freelancing and copywriting are scams. People just want to make some quick cash and they are making low-quality programs or courses only to cheat people.

When it comes to Sarah Turner I can say that she is a legit person who is behind Write Your Way To Freedom. I can say that she also wants to make a quick buck by selling this online course at a BIG price but the content inside is legit and it works.

It is very important that an owner is a trustworthy person and when it comes to Sarah, you can find her on her official YouTube channel where she is sharing her knowledge and experience about copywritng but she also promotes Write Your Way To Freedom on her channel.

She also has an Instagram account and you can contact her on her website called officialsarahturner.com

Another thing that I like about Sarah is that she is also a very successful freelance copywriter who is writing specifically for health and wellness niches.

When it comes to the owner, you can be 100% sure that this online course is legit and trustworthy.

How Does Write Your Way To Freedom Work?

This online course works pretty simply. The main point is that you teach how to become a professional copywriter that will write great content for others.

Besides that, Write Your Way To Freedom will also teach you how to create your niche website, attract an audience and do SEO optimization.

Inside the course, you will get 8 training modules with 59 lessons about how to become a successful freelance copywriter. One of the most important things is choosing a profitable niche, then writing good content and getting visitors to a blog.

You will learn all that and you will also learn how to do that FOR others and get paid for doing it.

Let me tell you what can you expect to learn from Sarah’s course:

  • How to get established as a copywriter
  • How to get clients through making a perfect writing blog
  • How to properly do SEO
  • How to get paid as much as possible
  • How to organize work so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Tips and tricks on how to write faster and more efficiently
  • and more

From my personal experience, I can say that this online course will certainly prepare you for becoming a very successful online entrepreneur by writing content for others.

I have vast experience in blogging and SEO and I can say that this course really surprised me with how quality it is.

Let’s now take a look at each module you will get inside Write Your Way To Freedom.

Write Your Way To Freedom Modules

In this section, I want to share with you what each module teaches about so that you can be prepared for what is inside.

– Module 1 – Business Owner Mindset

Here you will learn everything about having a proper mindset when it comes to online business. You will also learn how to get healthy habits by getting up early in the morning and how to avoid procrastination. You will definitely like this module.

– Module 2 – Building a Foundation

This module is everything about choosing a profitable and popular niche. Sarah will teach you how to choose a niche that will bring you success and money. Remember, not every niche is profitable!

– Module 3 – Getting Started Writing

This module is one of the most important ones as you will learn all the things about writing. You will learn how to write great copy and you will also get places where you can start writing for money.

– Module 4 – Look Like a Pro

I really liked this module because Sarah will teach you how to create your own blog, use business tools for blogging and attract potential customers to your blog. Really interesting stuff.

– Module 5 – Killer Client

I can say that I am not a big fan of this module because here you will learn how to contact potential clients and that will be through email.

Yeah, you will need to learn how to properly contact your customers through email. It can work but just as I said, I am not a big fan of it.

– Module 6 – Learning More About Clients

This is an important module as here you will learn more advanced techniques on how to contact potential clients who are supposed to pay you for writing for them.

The interesting this is that you will also learn about taxes as a freelance copywriter. This is very valuable training.

Module 7 – Everything About SEO

Pretty important module in this training. You should know that today everyone is looking for persons who know SEO and that is why Sarah will teach you about SEO techniques in this module that you will need o implement.

Module 8 – Scaling

In the 8th module, you will learn everything about scaling your business. Listen, if you can make $10 you can make $100 and if you can make $100 you can make $1.000, etc. And Sarah will help you with her training on how to scale your earnings as much as you want.

Is Write Your Way To Freedom a Scam?

Based on my research and my own experience I can freely say that Write Your Way To Freedom is not a scam. This is probably one of the best freelance copywriter courses out there primarily because it has valuable training.

Sarah Turner is a legit person who is behind this course and most importantly she is a successful copywriter who knows what she is doing.

You can find her on her official website and you can even write a message to her and she will reply. The point is that you definitely can learn from her and you can see results if you put in hard work.

Sure, you can’t expect to start making money overnight, this will take time and patience as getting successful with online business is a slow process.

How Much Does Write Your Way To Freedom Cost?

When it comes to the price I must say that Write Your Way To Freedom is a pretty expensive online course, I can freely say the most expensive.

Yeah it is quality and training is pretty valuable but honestly, I think that price is very big.

If you decide to invest in this online course you will need to pay $5.800

And that is not everything, there are extra costs that include domain name and hosting plan because you will learn how to create your own website and attract potential clients. That will probably cost you around $200.

When it comes to the money-back guarantee, yes, you have 14 days to get your money back if in any case, you are not satisfied. It is big money after all.

Having a money-back guarantee is a big plus in this case so I really appreciate that Sarah included it in its online course.

What I Like About Write Your Way To Freedom?

Let’s see what I really like in this online course and why would I choose it when it comes to learning about copywriting.

  • The owner and creator of this course is a legit person
  • It’s easy to follow and understand lessons
  • You have a money-back guarantee
  • It also teaches about creating your own website and writing content
  • You have access to a community where you can share experiences with other members
  • The course also has many positive reviews from other people

What I Don’t Like About Write Your Way To Freedom?

Although this online course is great it is not perfect. There are some things that I really don’t like and because of these things, I do not recommend this course to everyone but only to some people.

  • It is very expensive
  • It is not offering tools and other things related to blogging, you will need to invest in hosting, domain, and other
  • You will not create a passive income with this type of online work

I am primarily shocked because of the price. You will need to pay $5.800 to get access to the full course and training and with some extra costs, all of this could and will cost you more than $6.000 which is crazy.

Yes, you will learn how to start doing freelance copywriting that can change your financial life but on the other hand, there is no guarantee that you will be making any success or that you will certainly find clients.

It will definitely take some time before you see any positive results from what you learn inside Write Your Way To Freedom.

On the other hand, I am a big fan of earning passive income online and online businesses should give us that. With this online course, you are not learning about creating a passive income.

Do I Recommend Write Your Way To Freedom?

Hm, I could say yes but only to some group of people. That group of people are those folks who have a big budget and are ready to invest in something that will bring them good results in 6-12 months.

If you are tight on a budget and you want to learn how to create a real online business that can generate passive income online, this is not for you.

The course is pretty expensive and my opinion is that you could invest way less money in a more quality training platform that could change your life.

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