How Long Does It Take To Earn Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

If you follow my blog regularly then I am sure you know that I am involved in the promotion of the Wealthy Affiliate platform (WA for short).

I don’t do that for no reason. WA is a platform that has changed my life for the better because it has helped me get started with online earnings and not depend on anyone.

Who doesn’t know and is on this page for the first time, to clarify a bit.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that offers hosting and training on how to create a profitable blog from scratch and make money from it using the Affiliate Marketing method.

Now, in this text, I am primarily focused on how long it takes to see the results of the WA training that the platform offers, at the link below you have my detailed text on what WA is, what it offers, and how to start.

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What I recommend to all of you is to first read the text above and then continue reading this text because the text on the link above contains a lot of useful information about WA that is important to understand.

If you have read it then we can go back to our topic and that is how long it takes to see the results of WA training and everything it offers.

Very often the people I bring to the WA platform ask me how long does it take until you start earning money and similar questions related to earnings.

In this text, I will try to explain to you some things regarding earnings at WA and how long it actually takes until earnings start.

Let’s go…

Conditions You Should Meet If You Think To (Seriously) Make Money On WA

The conditions I will list below are of course not mandatory but it is highly desirable that you abide by them.

1. You need to know English (to follow the training)

2. You must (follow in detail) the training on the platform

3. You need to ask questions about anything that is not clear

4. You should (as soon as possible) consider the Premium membership that WA offers

Now, let me go in order. Knowledge of English is required, I can’t say it’s not when WA is a platform in English and all it offers is in English, complete training, and all the lessons. Training is the key to success and if you don’t understand it then it will be difficult. It is quite easy to understand, who know English will not have any problems with it.

The other thing is training. Like I said he is the key to success, whether you succeed or not depends solely on training.

Who does not follow the training and does everything on his own will only waste time, while the one who follows the training will see great results.

Most people come to the platform and start creating a blog, after which they turn to me with various questions whose answers are already in training. Of course, I am here to help and I will always help, but it is good for you to follow complete training because it contains everything.

The third thing is to always ask a question, either to me or on the platform whenever something is not clear. When you first find yourself on the WA platform it is normal for everything to seem confusing.

There is of course a system tour that you will follow immediately after registration but I want to say that it is normal to ask anything that is not clear to you. I always say there are no stupid and boring questions.

– And the fourth thing I want to discuss briefly is the Premium membership. This is a problem for some people and not for others.

As you know, WA offers 2 memberships, Free and Premium. You can start as a Free member, all successful people have started on a Free membership but it is important to consider the Premium which brings MANY benefits.

I will talk a little more about Premium below as now I want to talk about the main question I often get and that is:

Can I Make Money As A Free Member of a Wealthy Affiliate?

In short, yes! You can! But the problem arises the moment when you successfully complete the first 10 lessons in Level 1, after that, you do not have access to further training which is reserved only for Premium members.

It is not impossible to make money without further training but the point is that you are left on your own. In the free membership you have the opportunity to create one blog, and in the first 10 lessons you will learn how to create it, but the profit will not come just because you created the blog, you have to work on that blog!

Simply, as a Free member, you are limited to the platform. When you are a Premium member, then absolutely everything is unlocked and there are no obstacles to success.

In training, everything is summarized and explained step by step, but simply Level 1 is NOT enough for you to start earning regular income and achieve incredible success on the Internet.

I absolutely understand that you came to make money and not to give your money to Premium membership, but believe me, with my help and with the help of that training, your success is guaranteed, ONLY if you are ready to dedicate yourself seriously.

A common problem with people is that they think they can get rich or make money online without investing anything, I mean primarily money.

Folks, you have to invest money to get it back many times over. Again, it is possible to make money without any financial investment, but you will need much more time than when you invest money.Premium Wealthy Affiliate

After all, the first month of Premium is only $19, try it, see how it will go for you, whether you really find yourself in it or not, and if that’s the case, then just keep working, and if it’s not, at least you tried.

Remember why you’re doing this? To work online, to have no boss, to have your freedom, more time for everyone! All this can be achieved if you invest in yourself!

From my experience, I can only tell you that Premium membership definitely pays off! I have been a premium member since 2016 so you see! Why would I still pay for membership today if I don’t make full-time earnings?

Now let’s go to the main part, which is EARNINGS!

Let’s say you decided on Premium, paid it, and decided to seriously dedicate yourself to blogging because you want to work for yourself, not to “slave” to anyone, you have time to rest, for yourself, and your family … These are the amazing benefits of working from home, online!

And now let’s see WHEN you can expect your FIRST earnings!

Let’s go in order!

Your FIRST Month As a Premium Member (No Earnings!)

So when you are a Premium member the complete platform and training are unlocked for you. Most people think that if you pay Premium earnings will come faster, but they will not come because you have to work!

Just because you paid Premium does not guarantee that you will make money, you paid Premium so that all the tools you need to succeed are unlocked and you have to use that tools properly.

Your first month is getting to know the platform, communicating on the platform, researching, and following the training. You can’t expect to make money when you still don’t even know where you actually are.

Remember that first of all, you are investing in your education on how to create an online business and make money.

I will never forget my first month on the platform (back in 2016), I paid the Premium after 2 days and I never regretted it.

My first month was stormy haha. I had no idea where to start, when to ask, what to do at all… however, this is only the first feeling, in 2-3 days you are slowly navigating the platform, you know where and when to contact for help, YOUR mentor! He is here to answer all your questions and give you absolute support!

Now that I think about it and when I turn back time, I never dreamed that I would teach and mentor hundreds of people I bring to the WA platform today but I’m really glad I chose it because it fulfills me to help others start their online business.

My heart is full when I see that my inbox is full of messages of praise every day and many even send me a screenshot of their earnings as proof that they have succeeded and are progressing.

So, in the first month, it is getting to know each other, following the training, choosing a niche for the blog, preparing for success!

Your SECOND and THIRD Month (Earnings? Maybe!)

That first (and hardest) month has passed and you have entered the second month. Now is the time for ACTION! Follow the training, everything you learn immediately apply to the blog that you created in the FIRST month. Of course, that ACTION can start earlier, in the first month, but it all depends on you and your time!

When you enter the second month you should already have a base. By base, I primarily mean a blog created in a certain niche, whether it is fitness, weight loss, cooking, fashion, pets, nutrition, you decide for yourself.

Again, FOLLOW THE TRAINING! Absolutely everything is in training! Do not skip anything just because training has tired you out or you think it is boring, if you work on your own, then forget about success and earnings.

The most important thing you need to work on in the second and third months is WRITING content on your blog. So you’ve chosen a niche, set up the basic tools in WordPress (as detailed in the training inside WA) and the only thing left for you to do is write!

In the training, you will also learn how to write SEO-optimized texts that will be ranked on the Google search engine. Remember, until your article, that is, your blog is found on the FIRST page of Google, there is no profit!

That is why in the second and third months you need to work on CONTENT, and not burden yourself with earnings!

If you follow the training and write texts on your blog during the second and third months, you can notice that someone clicks and comes to your blog. This is just the beginning!

PS. The second and third month is the time when something starts to happen and that is people coming to your blog!

Period From 4-6 MONTHS (Earnings? Here and There!)

When you successfully get through the first three months you are then ready for success. Most people give up in the first 3 months and they don’t even know they are on the verge of success!

In the 4th and 6th months, the most important thing is to continue writing and publishing articles on your blog, which is a minimum of 2 times a week. In these months, your blog broke through on Google and received significantly more visits than it was in the first 3 months.

You can expect up to 100 visits a day on your blog these months. Also, during this period, you should start monetizing your blog, when regular visits start, then you can start with EARNINGS.

You can monetize your blog and make money through affiliate marketing (the best way), Google Adsense ads, sponsorships, etc ..

In those months, I made a few hundred dollars a month, which certainly means. During this period, you will not even think about giving up because you will see the potential for earnings and success.

So, your only job is to write regular blog posts, nothing more!

Period From 6-12 Months (Congratulations! You Succeeded!)

This is the period when your blog starts to “break” on the Internet. Google has gotten to know your site well enough and gives you the ability to rank high in the position which will result in great blog visits.

Remember, the higher the audience = the higher the earning potential.

In a period of 6-12 months, you will feel the incredible popularity of your blog and yourself. Companies and individuals will contact you to work with you. You will also be popular on the street, if of course, you have your picture on the blog, at least that is the case with me.

If you have successfully monetized your blog in the previous months, now the earnings will “explode”. You can expect up to $1000 + per month, of course, it all depends on what you do on your blog. Some niches are more profitable and some are not.

In my case, this is the period in which I quit my regular job and completely dedicated myself to my blog because the income from the blog was more than enough for me to be able to afford to leave my regular job.

Final Words and Advice

If you have read this text carefully then you can conclude that for complete success you need 6-12 months of work on the WA platform. Do you think that’s much for the life we all want?

Free time, work without stress and nervousness, more time for yourself and your loved ones, work without a boss, flexible working hours, high monthly earnings, etc.

Do you think it’s a lot? I honestly don’t think so. If I need to set aside 6-12 months in order to enjoy life later in my life, then it really isn’t much.

I have already done that, I set it aside and I went through those 6-12 months and today I really enjoy my job and my earnings.

A wealthy Affiliate is a great place that offers us everything we need to succeed but NO ONE will work for you, you have to sit down and take time for this, you have to write texts for your blog, you have to study and I am here to guide you and help you throughout the process.

To someone 6-12 months is a lot, but where do you see yourself in those 6-12 months?

If you see yourself in the same place where you are now, at the same job, nervous, stressed, or dissatisfied, then why not invest that time to make your online business far more profitable than any “offline” business?

You have to give yourself time, there is no magic wand that will allow money to fall from the sky right now, I have been on the Wealthy Affiliate for 5 years now and I plan to stay there for another 50+ years because it is the platform that changed my life.

I hope this text has helped you understand how long it takes to see results following WA training.

I am here for all your questions, doubts, and more.

If you have decided to dedicate yourself, to invest time and effort in creating your blog, and to enjoy life later then congratulations!

The link for free registration is below! See you inside the platform!

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