Is Swagbucks Legit or a Scam? – Did You Know This?

Do you want to earn some money online? You have probably searched about online jobs on the internet and I am sure you have come across a site called Swagbucks. I know it because I have been doing the same.

Did you actually know that when you purchase some things online, like shoes, jewelry, etc. you can earn some points you can later redeem? Yeah, I am talking about gift cards! That is the option Swagbucks give us!

But is it all that beautiful and shiny? When you come to these sites like Swagbucks you just question yourself is this thing even legit or is it a scam? That is what I will be discussing in this article. If you want to know is Swagbucks legit or a scam just keep reading till the end.

I am a full-time blogger and I have vast experience in making money online, I certainly know what works and what doesn’t in the online world. That’s why am I writing reviews on such platforms as Swagbucks and many others.

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Let’s now look at how we can benefit from this very popular platform.

What Is Swagbucks?

It is important to know that Swagbucks is a free platform founded in 2004. that pays you for doing some work on their platform, like surveys, playing video games for cash, earning while shopping online, etc. You can easily make some free cash and earn gift cards you can use later to buy some things online.

To register you just need your email and password and that’s it.

I especially like this platform because you can access it both from your laptop or PC and of course, your mobile phone. I must say that you don’t need to do one thing on Swagbucks to earn money, there are many available methods you can do to earn cash and gift cards.

One thing I want to mention is that one SB (Swagbucks point) is worth $0.01. You can easily redeem those cards on online platforms like Apple, Amazon, Walmart, and others…

It’s true that many people across the globe are making money from this platform but how much you can actually make we will see later in this article.

But before that let’s answer the question that almost everyone asks themselves.

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Let’s make things clear. Swagbucks is not a scam!

If you thought it is you are the wrong man. It is a completely legit platform and has millions of users across the world. You can believe me because I researched this platform deeply and saw for myself that it is not some sort of fraud.

You will get paid for your earned money and you will get your free gift cards without any problem. But listen, you need to work! Your earnings will not fall off the sky just like that.

A thing worth mentioning about Swagbucks is a site called TrustPilot. Just look at the picture below.


Trustpilot is a website ie a company where you can find reviews on almost every online platform or company that is registered with them. The best thing here is that you will see the reviews of real people, not some robots or bots.

And as you can see on the image Swagbucks is rated even 4.3 out of 5. That is awesome. Also, look at the number of people who wrote a review about this platform. It’s 27k+ people. It is more than clear here that Swagbucks is far from a scam.

What I would like to say and which maybe you will not like is that Swagbucks will not make you rich, especially rich overnight. It is a good platform to make some extra cash, I would like to say for coffee because it’s true. I don’t want to lie to you that you can make some serious cash but it is up to you if you will work with this platform or not.

What Do I Like About Swagbucks?

Honestly, I like its simplicity, you just register for free, do your job, and get paid, and that’s it.

Another thing that I like is its design, it’s simple and professional. It’s not some crap website with an awful design that will make you run away. They did a great job with the interface and making the user experience great.

Of course, definitely, the best thing we can like here is the legitimacy of this platform. There is no one here to steal your money or something similar. You can be sure that you work with a real and trusted platform.

What I Don’t Like About Swagbucks?

I will be honest here. You will not earn serious money here, just like I mentioned above. If you just want to make some extra cash for fun you can do it.

Of course, everyone is different and we all have different opinions but I would not invest my time doing something that will earn me a cup of coffee.

Sure, you can make serious money here but you will need to put in hard work and completely dedicate yourself to this platform. Why instead of that you would nod dedicate your time to building your own online business?

How Much Money Can You Earn With Swagbucks?

It is difficult to make some serious cash but if you put in hard work everything is possible. Swagbucks said that hundreds of users are earning over $15.000

When you see this number you feel happy but don’t dare ask me how much you need to work to achieve this sum of cash lol.

It takes hard work and dedication but on average, it’s not impossible that you can earn between $25 and $100 if you work every single day.

Keep in mind that earnings from Swagbucks will not pay you monthly bills or car insurance. If you want to achieve such big money you will need to invest your time and effort in a serious online business.

How To Start With Swagbucks?

It’s pretty easy to get started with Swagbucks. You just need a valid email address and password that you will make on their sign-up form.

Another method of registering is through Facebook so you can do that too, it’s maybe easier and faster.

Once you have successfully signed up you will need to fulfill your profile to earn some extra SB points, it will not be much but it adds over time.

You will also need to insert your location ie country so Swagbucks can give you relevant offers based on where you live. People who live in the USA will earn the best because Swagbucks usually give most of the offers in that country.

So, it’s pretty easy to register and start to work.

Now let’s see how actually you can make money with Swagbucks!

The Ways You Can Earn Money On Swagbucks

Just like I said above, you can earn money in several ways on Swagbucks after successfully registering.

1. By Shopping Online

Did you know that when you shop online you will get SB points?

We are all shopping online and buying many different things. If you are a regular online shopper then you should use this opportunity and earn points while shopping in your favorite shops like Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, eBay, etc.

You will not get many SB points from one shopping but keep in mind that those add up as you are buying online.

One great way to monitor all this is to install the SwagButton app on your phone so you can be up to date with coupons, online shops, and everything else you need to successfully earn SB points which you can redeem later.

2. Swagbucks Watching

This is maybe my favorite way of earning on Swagbucks. Just by playing videos and watching movies, you can earn some extra SB points.

Keep in mind that this method may be boring to you as some videos last from 10 minutes even to an hour. So you will need to be patient when it comes to watching movies.

3. Play Games And Earn Money

Yes, you read it right! Just by playing video games, you can earn SB points. Usually, you will get up to 10 SB per video game which is not that bad.

I am a true gamer so this does not fall hard on me. I mean, who does not like playing video games online?

4. Do The Daily Tasks

There are many offers and tasks to do daily, you just need to visit Swagbucks more often to get on those tasks.

Those offers are usually some polls or surveys you need to fulfill and submit. Nothing hard but you can only earn between 1 and 4 SB points which is not a lot.

Use These Tips To Maximize Your Earnings On Swagbucks

While I was researching things about Swagbucks earnings I have come across some pretty good tips on how to maximize your earnings from this platform. It is not easy but if you invest your free time it can be a good source of some extra cash.

  • Use your time wisely – by this I mean that you should invest a couple of hours every day on Swagbucks to maximize your earnings. If you are working or you are busy you can go to Swagbucks before bedtime or after breakfast, just find the time that suits you best.
  • Use all their apps – like Trivia and others, and install them all on your phone so you can use them whenever you are free. In that case, you don’t need to wait to get to the laptop or PC, you just work from your mobile phone.
  • Don’t give up – yeah, if you just want to earn some extra cash and you want those giftcards just stick to it and keep working and you will see success.

Few Words For The End And My Advice

So, we have come to an end to this blog post.

I really hope that this Swagbucks review helped you to find everything you should know about this company. It is not a scam and you should not worry about it because this platform has millions of users across the globe.

If you ask me should you join and invest your time in this I would probably answer you NO!

Why? Because it really takes some hard work and the earnings are minimal. You are not a kid to play around with if you want serious money online.

Let’s say that you invest 2 hours per day in Swagbucks and you invest 2 hours per day in online business like blogging and affiliate marketing.

You could literally make hundreds of thousands in affiliate marketing and blogging instead of wasting time on Swagbucks.

If you want to earn pennies go for it, join Swagbucks. But if you want to learn how to make real money on the internet with my help, I recommend that you click on the link below and read my Top recommendation for all those who want to make REAL money online.

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If you have any questions be free to ask below in the comment section!

12 thoughts on “Is Swagbucks Legit or a Scam? – Did You Know This?”

  1. Hello Daniel. I read about this platform before and I honestly didn’t like it because of the lot of time you have to invest and the earnings are small. Like you said some will like it and some won’t. It can be seen that it is not a scam, it is very important to people. It’s free so why not try it.

  2. Earning money with Swagbucks might be a reality, as it is a legitimate company. But the amount that you can earn, compared with the time and effort that you have to put in, is questionable as to whether it is actually worth your while doing it, or not. 

    Personally, I think Swagbucks is not worth joining, and would rather invest my time and effort in affiliate marketing, which is a more realistic way of earning money online. 

  3. Hey Daniel
    Thanks for sharing this informative article, it is a lot more helpful to find sites that pay you for working with them. I never knew about Swagbucks and after getting to know it’s legit I would like to do my own research before registering for it. My opinion is they should keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Daniel,

    I have read many wonderful articles on your website and this definitely will be a great, honest opinion on Swag Bucks.

    I agree it is not a scam, absolutely legit, easy to join the program, and very friendly interface to work with.

    However, I used to be an active participant in this program and still earn $5.00 from them and I have not encashed it.

    I agree it is in trust pilot with a not healthy score but not bad. Many hard-working students use them to get a few bucks.

    As you have pointed out, you can complete multiple tasks, surveys, etc to get money. Of course, no money is small for me. 

    I was given surveys and I remember I would be about to complete, then it will be taken off saying I don’t qualify for some reasons.

    I am not fond of games or movies or shopping online. that is me. S maybe I left with choices or choices I didn’t enjoy.

    My brain was numbing with Swag Bucks surveys and I stopped with no regrets. I may look at them in the future but can not guarantee.

    I enjoy being at a wealthy affiliate because I love to learn. I can see the future if I really put myself. 

    • I appreciate your thorough comment Anusuya! Yeah, Swagbucks is not a scam and it is not a bad platform for working but still, you cant make some serious cash taking in mind how dedicated you need to be here.

  5. Hi Daniel

    Hope you are well. I think you’re quite right in that you probably won’t pay your monthly bills from Swagbucks. But for kicks, if you can make a few dollars for the things you do anyway like online shopping – why not! It’s also a good thing that 27k other people have left positive feedback. As we know Trust Pilot is a “go-to” resource to find out what people really think of the goods and services they use! Great read.


    • Thank you, Shelley, I appreciate it!

      Sure, it’s a good thing we use Swagbucks while shopping, we don’t lose anything, we can only earn!

  6. Thanks a lot for this valuable detailed post about Swagbucks. I have actually heard about this. I have seen good reviews about this. But I think this is not worldwide. And you have to devote a lot of time to earning money from it. I really like the affiliate marketing you have recommended. Because I have earned money from it.

    • You’re welcome man, I am glad you found it helpful. You are right, Swagbucks is not worldwide, there are many countries that are not accepted, and their users are primarily from the USA.


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