Amazing Selling Machine Review – Is It Worth It?

Welcome to my in-depth review of the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) – a comprehensive course designed for entrepreneurs looking to dive into the world of Amazon FBA.

If you’re seeking a reliable way to build a profitable online business, you’ve likely heard about ASM’s promise to guide you through establishing a six-figure venture on Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace.

Our review aims to answer the critical questions: Is ASM worth the investment? Does it live up to its claims? And most importantly, is it the right fit for your entrepreneurial journey?

I’ve meticulously analyzed the program to bring you an unbiased and informative perspective, ensuring you make a well-informed decision about your online business future.

About Reviewer (Me!)

Hi, I’m Daniel, the voice and experience behind

With a rich background in affiliate marketing and blogging, I’ve spent years mastering the art of online income generation.

My journey has been filled with exploring numerous online courses and strategies, giving me a well-rounded perspective on what truly works in the digital marketing world.

My expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s grounded in real-world successes and challenges. As an affiliate marketer and blogger, I’ve learned to discern the value of online courses, separating the practical from the purely theoretical.

This review of Amazing Selling Machine comes from a place of experience and genuine intent to guide others in their online career pursuits.

Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam or Legit?

No, the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is not a scam. It’s a legitimate and well-established Amazon FBA course that has garnered attention in the online business community.

With its long-standing presence and continuous updates, ASM has proven its commitment to keeping pace with the evolving e-commerce landscape.

A key feature bolstering its legitimacy is the program’s 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing participants to test its offerings without risk.

Additionally, the course creators have a notable online presence and active engagement with their audience, further affirming the program’s credibility.

Positive testimonials and reviews across various platforms reinforce ASM’s reputation as a genuine resource for those looking to start or grow their business on Amazon.

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What Is an Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals aiming to build a profitable business on Amazon through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) model.

Launched initially in 2013 and continuously updated, ASM guides users through every step of establishing, growing, and scaling an Amazon business. It’s tailored to tap into the vast potential of Amazon’s global marketplace.

The course encompasses a range of modules that cover product selection, sourcing, brand building, and marketing strategies.

ASM stands out for its detailed, step-by-step approach, providing both beginners and experienced sellers with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the competitive world of Amazon FBA.

Who Created Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) was created by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark, entrepreneurs with a proven track record in the world of online business and e-commerce.

They are also the founders of, the company behind ASM. Matt Clark, with a significant following on social media and a visible online presence, often shares insights and success stories from his own experiences with Amazon FBA.

Jason Katzenback, although less prominent online, partners with Clark in developing ASM’s comprehensive curriculum.

Their combined expertise and hands-on experience in Amazon FBA have been instrumental in shaping the course, making it a reputable and trusted resource for aspiring Amazon entrepreneurs.

How Does Amazing Selling Machine Work?

The Amazing Selling Machine works by providing an extensive and detailed training program that guides you through the process of establishing and scaling a successful business on Amazon.

The course is structured into several modules, each focusing on a critical aspect of the Amazon FBA business model.

Here’s how it unfolds:

  1. Product Selection: ASM begins with teaching you how to identify profitable products to sell on Amazon. This includes understanding market demand, competition analysis, and selecting products with high potential for success.
  2. Supplier Sourcing and Inventory Management: Once a product is chosen, ASM guides you through finding reliable suppliers and managing inventory. This involves learning how to negotiate with suppliers, calculate costs, and order your initial inventory.
  3. Brand Development and Listing Creation: The course emphasizes the importance of building a strong brand. It guides you through creating compelling product listings, including product descriptions, images, and pricing strategies to make your product stand out on Amazon.
  4. Launch and Marketing Strategies: ASM teaches you how to effectively launch your product using proven marketing techniques. This includes leveraging Amazon’s own advertising tools, understanding SEO for Amazon, and employing external marketing strategies to drive sales.
  5. Scaling Your Business: Finally, the course covers advanced topics like scaling your business, expanding product lines, and building a long-term sustainable business on Amazon.

Throughout the course, participants have access to mentorship from experienced Amazon sellers, a community of fellow learners, and a plethora of resources and tools specifically designed for Amazon FBA success.

The structure of ASM is designed to take you from a beginner or intermediate level to a proficient Amazon seller, equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

What Do You Get With an Amazing Selling Machine?

When you enroll in the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), you gain access to a comprehensive suite of resources and tools designed to help you succeed in the Amazon FBA marketplace.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. 8-Week Online Webclass: A core component of ASM, this webclass is spread over eight weeks and includes detailed lessons covering every aspect of starting and growing your Amazon business. From product selection to brand building, it provides actionable insights and strategies.
  2. ASM Mentor Program: This program connects you with experienced Amazon sellers who serve as mentors. They provide guidance, answer questions, and share their real-world experiences to help you avoid common pitfalls and succeed faster.
  3. Lifetime Platinum Access: This access grants you entry to the continuously updated ASM course materials. As the Amazon marketplace evolves, so does ASM’s content, ensuring you always have the most current strategies and information.
  4. The Private Resource Vault: An exclusive collection of resources and tools used by successful Amazon sellers. It includes contact templates for negotiating with suppliers, checklists for launching products, and other essential tools to streamline your business operations.
  5. Community Access: ASM provides access to a private community of fellow ASM members. This platform is invaluable for networking, sharing experiences, getting advice, and staying motivated throughout your Amazon FBA journey.
  6. Regular Updates and Bonuses: ASM regularly updates its course content to keep up with the latest Amazon trends and strategies. Additionally, members often receive bonus materials and resources to further aid their business growth.

By offering a blend of structured learning, mentorship, community support, and a wealth of resources, the Amazing Selling Machine aims to equip you with everything you need to build a successful Amazon FBA business.

Can You Make Money With an Amazing Selling Machine?

Yes, you can make money with the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), but success depends on several factors, including your dedication, the effort you put in, and market dynamics.

ASM provides a comprehensive framework and tools to build a business on Amazon’s FBA platform, which has proven lucrative for many entrepreneurs. However, it’s important to have realistic expectations.

Success with ASM, as with any business venture, isn’t guaranteed and often requires significant time investment, learning, and patience.

The course equips you with the knowledge and strategies to start and grow your Amazon business, but actual earnings vary based on product choice, market conditions, and individual execution of the learned strategies.

How Much Does Amazing Selling Machine Cost?

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is priced at a premium, reflecting its comprehensive nature and the wealth of resources it offers.

The cost for enrolling in ASM is $4,997 for a one-time payment. This fee grants you full access to all the course materials, including the 8-week webclass, mentor program, private community, and the continuously updated resource vault.

For those who prefer a payment plan, ASM also offers an installment option.

This option typically involves several payments spread over a few months, but the total sum paid may be slightly higher than the one-time payment due to administrative fees associated with installment plans.

It’s important to note that this cost covers the course and its related materials.

However, starting an Amazon FBA business also involves additional expenses, such as purchasing your initial inventory, marketing costs, and Amazon’s selling fees.

These costs can vary widely depending on your chosen product and business strategy.

Does Amazing Selling Machine Offer Refunds?

Yes, the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) offers a refund policy, which is a testament to the confidence the creators have in the value of their program.

ASM provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing participants to explore the course risk-free for the first month.

If, during this period, you decide that ASM isn’t the right fit for you or doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a full refund.

In addition to the standard refund policy, ASM also features a unique 6-month Buy-Back Promise. This offer demonstrates their commitment to the success of their students.

Under this promise, if you actively participate in the course and apply its teachings but don’t see the results you expected within six months, ASM will buy your business for the cost of the course and up to an additional $5,000 for unsold inventory.

This further reduces the risk and underscores ASM’s dedication to supporting its students.

Amazing Selling Machine Pros and Cons


  1. Comprehensive Training: ASM offers in-depth, step-by-step training covering all aspects of starting and running a successful Amazon FBA business.
  2. Continuous Updates: The course material is regularly updated to keep pace with the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.
  3. Mentor Program: Access to experienced Amazon sellers who provide guidance and support.
  4. Community Support: A vibrant community for networking, sharing experiences, and getting advice.
  5. Resource Vault: Exclusive access to a wide range of tools and resources used by successful Amazon sellers.
  6. Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee and a 6-month Buy-Back Promise.


  1. High Cost: The course is expensive, which might be a barrier for some potential students.
  2. Additional Investment Required: Beyond the course fee, starting an Amazon FBA business requires a significant financial investment in inventory, marketing, etc.
  3. Not Beginner-Friendly: While comprehensive, the course is intense and may be overwhelming for absolute beginners to e-commerce.
  4. Time Commitment: Success with ASM requires a considerable time investment for learning and implementing strategies.

Is Amazing Selling Machine Worth It?

Whether the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is worth it largely depends on your individual circumstances, including your budget, commitment level, and e-commerce goals.

ASM offers an extensive, well-structured program with a wealth of resources, making it a valuable tool for those serious about building a successful Amazon FBA business.

The course’s comprehensive nature, mentor support, and community engagement can significantly shorten the learning curve and enhance your chances of success in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

However, the high cost of the course and the additional investment required for inventory and marketing mean that it’s a significant financial commitment.

It’s best suited for those who are ready to invest both money and time into building a business. If you have the resources and dedication, ASM can be a worthwhile investment in your e-commerce education and future business success.

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