Funnel Scripts Review – Is It Really Worth $797?

Welcome to my in-depth review of Funnel Scripts, your potential game-changer in the realm of copywriting efficiency!

In today’s fast-paced digital marketing world, crafting compelling sales copy is crucial, yet often time-consuming.

Funnel Scripts promises to revolutionize this process by offering a quick, efficient solution for creating persuasive sales letters, email campaigns, and ad scripts.

If you’re grappling with the challenges of producing high-quality copy swiftly and wondering if Funnel Scripts is your answer, you’re in the right place.

My review dives into the nitty-gritty of Funnel Scripts: how it streamlines the writing process, what features it brings to your table, its overall cost-effectiveness, and, importantly, its real value to you as a marketer or business owner.

Let’s embark on this journey to uncover whether Funnel Scripts stands tall amidst the hype and whether it’s the tool you need to elevate your copywriting strategy.

About Reviewer (Me!)

Hi, I’m Daniel, the voice and experience behind With a rich background in affiliate marketing and blogging, I’ve spent years mastering the art of online income generation.

My journey has been filled with exploring numerous online courses and strategies, giving me a well-rounded perspective on what truly works in the digital marketing world.

My expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s grounded in real-world successes and challenges. As an affiliate marketer and blogger, I’ve learned to discern the value of online courses, separating the practical from the purely theoretical.

This review of Funnel Scripts comes from a place of experience and genuine intent to guide others in their online career pursuits.

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a comprehensive copy-generating platform designed to alleviate the often daunting task of creating persuasive and effective sales copy.

Developed by renowned marketing experts Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson, this software stands as a product under the ClickFunnels umbrella.

At its core, Funnel Scripts is more than just a writing assistant. It’s a sophisticated tool that combines the art of persuasive writing with the efficiency of automation.

By leveraging pre-written script templates and user-specific input, it tailors its output to suit your particular marketing needs and objectives. Whether it’s email campaigns, sales letters, ad copy, or webinar scripts, Funnel Scripts aims to produce market-ready content that resonates with your audience and drives conversions.

This platform caters primarily to entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners who need to produce high-quality copy but may lack the time or expertise to do so from scratch.

Funnel Scripts positions itself as a virtual copywriter, promising to deliver custom-tailored content that is both compelling and aligned with your business goals.

In essence, Funnel Scripts is not just about writing; it’s about creating a narrative that engages, convinces, and converts, all with the click of a button.

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Who Are Jim Edwards And Russell Brunson?

The brains behind Funnel Scripts are none other than Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson, two highly acclaimed figures in the digital marketing world. Their expertise and insights have been pivotal in shaping the software’s capabilities.

Jim Edwards is a seasoned entrepreneur and a respected authority in online marketing and copywriting. His journey in the digital world is marked by successful ventures and a deep understanding of what makes online content click.

Edwards, recognized for his practical and effective copywriting strategies, brings to the table a wealth of experience in creating content that engages and converts.

Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels, is a name synonymous with sales funnels innovation. His journey from a budding entrepreneur to a leading expert in digital marketing is nothing short of inspirational.

Brunson’s expertise lies in developing online sales systems that have transformed the way businesses approach online marketing. His insights into consumer behavior and digital sales processes have been integral to Funnel Scripts’ development.

Together, Edwards and Brunson combine their expertise to create Funnel Scripts. Their collaboration infuses the software with practical, result-oriented copywriting strategies and innovative digital marketing techniques.

This partnership ensures that Funnel Scripts is grounded in professional knowledge and real-world application, making it a powerful tool for anyone looking to enhance their digital content.

How Does Funnel Scripts Work?

Funnel Scripts simplifies the copywriting process through a blend of automation and user-guided customization. Here’s a brief look at how it operates:

  1. Input Gathering: The user starts by providing specific details about their business, product, or service. This includes the target audience, product benefits, challenges the product solves, and other pertinent information. This step ensures that the generated copy is tailored to the user’s unique requirements.
  2. Script Selection: Funnel Scripts offers a vast library of pre-written script templates. These range from email scripts to sales pages, ad copy, and even webinar scripts. Users select the type of script that best fits their current needs.
  3. Customization and Generation: Once a script is chosen, Funnel Scripts merges the user’s input with the selected template. The software’s algorithms then work to create customized copy that aligns with the user’s specific business needs and marketing goals.
  4. Editing and Refinement: After the initial copy is generated, users have the option to tweak and refine the content. This step ensures that the final output not only resonates with the audience but also maintains the user’s unique voice and style.
  5. Ready-to-Use Copy: The end result is a ready-to-deploy piece of copy that can be used across various marketing channels. This process significantly reduces the time and effort typically required in creating effective sales copy from scratch.

In essence, Funnel Scripts is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no prior copywriting experience.

By automating the technical aspects of copy creation and allowing for personalized inputs, it makes high-quality copywriting accessible to entrepreneurs and marketers of all skill levels.

What Do You Get With Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts comes packed with a suite of features and tools designed to cater to various copywriting needs.

Here’s what you get when you invest in this software:

  1. Diverse Script Templates: A comprehensive collection of script templates is at the heart of Funnel Scripts. These templates cover a wide range of needs, including sales pages, email campaigns, ad copy, video sales letters, and more. Each template is crafted to suit different marketing scenarios and objectives.
  2. Interactive Script Wizards: For more customized requirements, Funnel Scripts offers interactive wizards like the Perfect Webinar Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, and Easy Survey Wizard. These tools guide you step-by-step in creating specific types of content, making the process even more user-friendly.
  3. Customizable Forms: Each script comes with easy-to-fill forms where you input details like your target audience, product benefits, and unique selling points. These forms ensure that the generated copy is closely aligned with your specific needs.
  4. Training and Resources: Understanding that users might be new to copywriting or the software, Funnel Scripts provides a range of training materials. These include tutorial videos, monthly training calls, and guides to help you maximize the potential of each script.
  5. Regular Updates and Support: The platform is continuously updated with new scripts and features, ensuring it stays relevant and effective. Additionally, user support is available to assist with any queries or challenges you might encounter.

In summary, with Funnel Scripts, you’re not just getting a tool for generating copy; you’re getting a comprehensive system equipped with all the necessary resources to elevate your copywriting game.

How Much Does Funnel Scripts Cost?

The main offer of Funnel Scripts is available at a one-time payment of $797. This fee grants you lifetime access to the platform, encompassing all its features, from script templates to interactive script wizards and a suite of training materials.

The absence of monthly or annual subscription fees makes this a singular investment for ongoing copywriting needs.

In addition to the core functionalities, this one-time payment also includes a set of exclusive bonuses, which add further value to the package.

These bonuses enhance the utility and applicability of the software for various marketing and copywriting scenarios.

Moreover, the review emphasizes the lack of upsells or hidden charges, a factor that often concerns buyers.

Once the initial payment is made, users have full access to everything that Funnel Scripts offers, including regular updates and new features as they roll out, without any additional cost.

Is Funnel Scripts a Scam?

No, Funnel Scripts is not a scam. It is a legitimate copywriting software created by well-known figures in the digital marketing industry, Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson.

This tool is designed to assist marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners in creating effective sales copy quickly and efficiently.

Funnel Scripts provides a comprehensive suite of script templates, interactive tools, and training materials, all of which are aimed at improving your copywriting process.

The one-time payment model, with no hidden fees or upsells, further reinforces the legitimacy of the product. Moreover, the inclusion of a 30-day refund policy offers a layer of security and trust, allowing users to test the product and decide if it meets their needs.

While some users may find the software expensive or not perfectly aligned with their specific copywriting style or needs, this doesn’t diminish its legitimacy as a useful tool in the digital marketing toolbox.

It’s important for potential users to assess their individual requirements and the value Funnel Scripts could bring to their specific business context before making a decision.

Funnel Scripts Pros and Cons


  1. Comprehensive Script Library: Offers a wide range of script templates for various marketing needs, from email campaigns to sales pages.
  2. Ease of Use: User-friendly interface and interactive tools make it accessible for users with varying levels of copywriting experience.
  3. Time-Saving: Significantly reduces the time required to create quality sales copy.
  4. Training Materials: Includes a wealth of training videos and resources, aiding users in maximizing the software’s potential.
  5. Expert Input: Developed by well-known digital marketing experts, ensuring professional-level copywriting guidance.


  1. High Price: The main drawback of Funnel Scripts is its cost. The $797 one-time payment can be a significant investment, especially for small businesses or individual entrepreneurs.
  2. Generic Output: Some users may find the generated copy lacks uniqueness and requires further customization.
  3. Limited to Pre-Defined Structures: The reliance on templates means it may not always perfectly align with specific or unique copywriting needs.
  4. Overwhelming for Beginners: Despite being user-friendly, the sheer number of features and options can be overwhelming for new users.
  5. No Free Trial: The absence of a free trial period means users must commit financially to test the software’s effectiveness.

Is Funnel Scripts Worth the Price?

Determining whether Funnel Scripts is worth its price of $797 hinges on individual needs and circumstances. For many, particularly small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, the high cost can be a significant barrier.

The software, while feature-rich and developed by renowned experts, often produces copy that might require further customization to truly resonate with a specific audience. This additional effort can diminish the value of an automated solution.

Moreover, the market offers numerous alternative tools and services that provide similar functionality at a lower cost, potentially delivering greater value for those with tighter budgets.

In summary, while Funnel Scripts has its merits, its high price tag and the potential need for additional customization make it a less viable option for budget-conscious users or those seeking highly personalized copy.

Final Words and My Top Recommendation For Passive Income!

In concluding my exploration of Funnel Scripts, it’s clear that while it presents certain advantages, its high cost and potential for producing generic copy make it less ideal for many users, particularly those new to the market or operating on a tight budget.

The necessity for additional customization also raises questions about its efficiency as an automated solution.

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