How Long Does It Take To Get Organic Traffic On a New Website?

If you are a website owner or you are a blogger who just wants to make money online with organic traffic, you probably want to know how long does it take to get organic traffic on a new website.

Maybe you already have your own blog and you are working but you actually don’t see traffic coming to your blog, in this article I will try to explain to you what can you expect when it comes to gaining traffic through SEO IE organic traffic.

Organic traffic is very important for us bloggers because we can make a ton of money with the organic traffic that Google sends us.

To get organic traffic to your website you will need to do SEO tactics because if you don’t do SEO you will never get organic, free traffic from Google and other search engines.

There is a ton of SEO optimization strategies and they are all different but if you are doing the basic SEO you will probably start seeing organic traffic within 4-6 months.

Organic traffic takes time to build and it is not the same as PPC traffic where you pay for traffic. With PPC you can get instant traffic but that type of traffic does not convert so well.

Keep in mind that businesses that use SEO will definitely rank higher in the SERPs compared to those that are not doing it.

Here in this article, I will not talk about how you should do the SEO but I will focus on how long you need to start seeing traffic from Google (organic traffic).

I will be happy to show you how long it takes from my own experience so you will see the real screenshots of my Google Analytics and how long I needed to get organic traffic to my blog.

So, let’s start now!

Does SEO Give Instant Results?

Today we live in a time when everything is instant. We people simply like to get instant results, instant coffee, and many other things in our life.

Let’s say SMS messages, when you don’t get an instant answer you get frustrated and even angry when a person doesn’t reply to you immediately. It is so true because I even know some of those people.

It’s the same thing with SEO and organic traffic. People know how good organic traffic is and that it will bring them money but they want it now, today, instant. I was one of those persons when it comes to SEO because at the beginning of my blogging career I wanted to see instant traffic on my blog and make money.

SEO organic traffic is not like PPC traffic. You pay today for traffic and you will get instant traffic, typically in minutes. SEO does not work like that, you will have to be patient if you want to get organic traffic to your website.

I have many folks who just started blogging and who are telling me that they are not receiving any organic traffic although they published a bunch of articles on their website.

Guys, you will not get any results overnight with SEO. You think that you have published today a great SEO article and that by tomorrow you will rank and get traffic, it will NOT happen. Instead of thinking like that, you should plan your SEO strategy for at least 3-6 months and be super patient.

Organic traffic will bring you success and passive income but you must be consistent and never give up. Most people fail with the blogging business just because they give up to early.

Why Does It Take So Long For SEO To Work?

I must say that SEO consists of a bunch of subcategories and it is impossible to rank and get instant traffic from SEO.

Google needs time to discover your site, your published articles, and many other things like:

  • is your article relevant to user intent
  • is your information trustworthy or not
  • how fast does your website load
  • do you have any backlinks, how many, and are they quality
  • do you publish new blog posts regularly or not
  • do you use images and what are those images about

Keep in mind that Google has over 200 factors based on which he ranks sites, those above I mentioned are just some of them.

No one can know what exactly Google looks at while ranking sites but it’s always said that content is king. So, if you can give your audience the best content you can you will rank for sure.

Another thing that I don’t want to forget is that Google must find your site and index it before you can even rank so it is important that all your content is indexed too, and that also can take some time.

How Long Until SEO Starts Working?

If you were looking for an answer to this question I suppose that you found that many bloggers and influencers say, ”it depends”.

Well, that can be true because there is no accurate time for SEO to start working. Based on those factors we mentioned above it can take from 4-6 months before you start receiving organic traffic from Google. And this answer is individual, it is not the same for everyone.

As I said, it is hard to predict how much time you will need to start getting organic results but most of the time it also depends on these factors:

  • what is the competition in your niche
  • do you use low-competition keywords
  • does Google index your site and articles fast and easy

Many website owners ask themselves how is it possible that doing such simple things and using simple strategies can take so much time to rank and start getting traffic.

I already said that it can take up to 6 months before you start seeing the traffic but in that time you should consistently work on creating high-quality content and do the SEO. For some, it will be 6 months and for some, it will be 12 months, it all depends on how much time you are investing in this.

SEO is definitely not an easy thing to understand and do because there are many things included in SEO, it is not only the title of an article or only images, quality content is much more than just that.

The most common mistake I see beginners do is trying to rank for high-competition keywords in their niche. You must do keyword research and target only low-competition keywords.

You should already know that if you are trying to rank for high-competition keywords you will never make it.

Now I will try to explain to you what should you expect in the period of 6 months when it comes to getting organic traffic. I hope this will help you because I am talking from my personal experience.

Organic Traffic – Period From 1-6 Months, What Can you Expect? (My Personal Results)

The best thing when it comes to ranking and getting organic traffic is to divide our success and rankings by months.

It is definitely a good way of seeing how are you ranking. If you are looking at your Google Analitycs every single day you will achieve nothing. And there are people who are doing this.

Let’s see that you have started a website today and you plan to work on getting organic traffic, what should you expect in your first month of creating a blog/website in terms of traffic?

Your 1-Month Doing Blogging (Traffic? Nope!)

In your first month you will start doing the basic things like keyword research, website audit, getting indexed in search engines, and focusing on basic technical things related to your blog.

You will probably not publish a bunch of articles, you should be happy to have at least 10 high-quality articles in your first month. If you can do more, the better.

Most people who are starting want to write as many blog posts as they can and publish them immediately thinking that they will get traffic by tomorrow.

In the image below you see the traffic from my website, it’s only the first month of my blogging journey.

You can see that there is nothing. It clicks here and there but nothing serious which can bring me earnings. In my first month, I was doing keyword research, I was making sure that my website is indexed by Google and other search engines, and simply keep writing more content.

Keep in mind that those are my results, there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same, you may achieve this faster than me or it can take you much longer, it all depends. Also, keep in mind that I am a more experienced blogger and that is a big plus.

Luckily, I had time to completely commit to blogging and that is probably the reason why I achieved results faster. This is an MMO niche that is hard to rank for but I was researching super low competition keywords.

So, in your first month, you should be focusing on getting your website indexed, finding low competition keywords in your niche, start writing content, creating a sitemap in Google Search Console, and creating Google Analytics.

Your 2-Month Doing Blogging (Traffic? If You Are Lucky!)

If you were lucky to get indexed in your first month you will do great! But don’t feel bad or think that something is not right if your website is not indexed by the second month.

Even if you are doing all perfectly fine there is a chance that your website will not get indexed until your second month of blogging. Because that’s the Google!

If you are indexed that’s great! That means that your website is live on the internet and that anyone can find it if they type the URL of your website in the address bar.

You still won’t get ranked in the SERPs because your website is ”young” and you probably have about 20 articles on your website. Again, everyone is different because you will not write as fast as me, someone can publish only 10 blog posts in a month and someone like me can publish 20 or even 30 posts in a month.

In the image below you can see my Google Analytics for the first 2 months of blogging:

As you can see nearly nothing changed in my organic traffic even in the second month. There is a little more traffic coming to a website but nothing special that can make me happy.

I was publishing new content regularly and it’s getting indexed but rankings are not moving. Keep in mind that I am showing you here only 100% organic traffic, I don’t use social media or other sources of traffic.

I know that these results are not encouraging you but you MUST KEEP WORKING! Just like me, you should look at Google Analytics every month but not every day.

In your second month keep publishing new content and do the basic SEO optimization and that’s it. Don’t focus too much on social media and don’t even pay for traffic, I mean on PPC, focus solely on getting organic traffic.

Work a little on a design on your blog, work on menus, and widgets, add a contact form, and about me page, and make sure your WordPress theme is clean, fast, and easy to read.

Most importantly, keep producing more content!

The 3-Month Doing Blogging ( Traffic? It Starts!)

The third month is a magic month for bloggers. It was for me too. If you were producing content regularly and were doing the basic SEO as it should, you will see your organic traffic starts to increase.

I can say that the third month will certainly give you the motivation to keep working and not give up. Keep in mind that 90% of bloggers give up in their 2 and 3 months of doing blogging which is bad. That is the time when you start seeing the results of your work in previous months.

Just like you can see in the image above, from the third-month magic starts! You will probably see some increase in organic traffic but only if you were producing new content regularly and consistently.

In the previous 2 months, you should have done the basics I have talked about above. From month 3 you should only worry about producing high-quality content on a regular basis and doing SEO.

Keyword research is very important and you should make a list of keywords for at least 50-100 blog posts so you don’t need to worry about keyword research in the long run.

Focus on long-tail keywords and make sure that there is very little competition, don’t even try to target high competitive keywords because you think it receives a big amount of traffic. You will simply not rank.

Content is king, you probably heard about it already so you should focus on that. Make sure your content is getting thorough and long-form, at least 1500-2500 words per article. It is proven that long-form articles bring much more organic traffic than short-form content.

In the third month, you will finally start getting ranked in Google for some keywords, you will break through search engines, and from now on it is the snowball effect.

Of course, you should not expect to rank for the newly published articles but those that you have written in your first and second month.

You will also notice that Google and other search engines start indexing your posts much faster which means that your website is receiving a little authority, slowly but surely.

Your 4th Month as a Blogger (Traffic? Watch It Grow!)

AS time goes on you will be happier as a blogger, I can guarantee you that.

In the fourth month of blogging, you will see your organic traffic starting to increase pretty quickly which will motivate you additionally.

In this period you will start noticing that you are getting backlinks and that other bloggers are linking to your website which will only improve your authority and rankings in search engines.

I was really shocked how my traffic explode this month and I was happy like I was getting a million dollars and not about 50 visits per day.

Yeah, baby, you are seeing it in the image above. You can definitely expect about 50 visits a day in this period. This is only if you were consistent and you stick to your publishing schedule.

You need to publish regularly, you can’t publish today and then after a month, that will not bring you any traffic. Aim to publish consistently at least 3 times per week and stick to it.

In this period you will see good action with your website as organic traffic is priceless. You will probably start earning some money in this period if you have monetized your website.

I am an also affiliate marketer so I enjoy doing affiliate marketing on my blog as it brings the best profit. So my recommendation is that if you have not monetized your website you start affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you will see the best results.

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Organic Traffic In 5 Months (It Starts Rocking!)

By month 5 you will probably start making regular and consistent sales from your website. It is the time when all your efforts and doing those articles are starting to pay off.

I was really satisfied with my results and organic traffic by month 5.

As you can see in the image above, traffic is starting to grow slowly but surely. By month 5 I was making daily sales from affiliate marketing which is awesome.

Although I have seen these results I never stop producing new content on my website. This is the snowball effect I was talking about, when organic traffic starts ramping up you will enjoy it as long as you keep producing more content.

If by this time you are not receiving any results from creating blog posts and doing SEO it means that you are using high competitive keywords in your niche or you are not doing the SEO properly. You simply must optimize your website and blog posts for search engines.

You maybe will not see the same results as me but you MUST SEE SOME RESULTS in terms of traffic and rankings.

Now, you will probably start spreading your voice and you will start using some social media, that’s good and you should start promoting yourself on some social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

The most important thing, do not stop creating high-quality content on your website, it is the KEY to getting traffic!

Organic Traffic In 6 Months (You Basically Made It! Congrats!)

6 month period is definitely golden. Here you will notice that your organic traffic is exploding.

Your ranking will also explode and you will start making a pretty good income if you have monetized your website.

When you check Google Console you will notice that your backlink profile is at a much higher level than in your first 3 months. What is important here is that you should not let yourself t stop producing new and fresh content on your website.

When you start receiving a good amount of traffic your job is not finished. Your job is never done I must say because when you stop producing new content your traffic WILL suffer.

Let’s take a look at my organic traffic in 6 months. Watch carefully!

I hope you see it well baby! Oh Yeah! Over 200 visits per day! You should be immensely happy if you see these results or even better results! As I said, it is individual for everyone. There are no such persons who will have the same results, remember that!

Just look at the graph again and see those miserable and poor first 3 months, it makes you give up immediately.

And now look at that period from 4-6 months, it is magic! And it is possible for everyone, even you who read this.

I want to say that you should NOT be discouraged by any means if you are not getting the results like those that are in the images above. It simply may take longer for you depending on your niche, keyword selection, competition, and many other factors.

In this period you will simply enjoy your earnings and passive income because when you start getting even 50, or 100 visits per day, you can easily make a full-time income online!

So, How Long Does It Take To Get Organic Traffic?

I am sure you already know the answer to this question.

It can take you from 4-6 months to see organic traffic on your blog. I showed you my personal experience and results and I want you to keep in mind that it will not be the same for you.

You can just use my experience as an example and estimation on how long should it take for you.

What is for sure is that you will not see any instant results. If you are a new blogger and just starting a website/blog you should definitely start seeing similar results if you are doing SEO and creating high-quality content in your niche.

The last thing you should do is to give up and stop working, you should never allow that to yourself. You will succeed sooner or later if you work but if you give up there is no success.

If you want to learn how to be a profitable blogger, how to do proper SEO, and write high-quality content I suggest that you click on the link below and read about my top recommendation when it comes to making money blogging and doing affiliate marketing.

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