How Profitable Is Blogging in 2024? – Read This Before Starting!

I must say when it comes to making money online the first thing people look for is earning through blogging.

You have probably heard a million times how blogging is one of the best ways to make passive income online but you maybe want to know how profitable is blogging in 2022? Can you still make money blogging like you could 5 or 10 years ago?

On this and many other questions related to blogging earnings, you will find an answer in this article.

I am a full-time blogger for nearly 7 years and I enjoy doing my online job. If you want to know the quick answer, well, blogging is very profitable and you can still make a living out of it, I guarantee you that.

I am tired of those people who are promoting things like ”blogging is dead”, ”it does not pay anymore to do blogging” and many similar things. Many marketing gurus even advise some people that they should not start blogging because it is not worth it anymore.

Guys, do not listen to those who are talking negatively about blogging and making money doing it.

You can definitely make money online by blogging but things change throughout the years and you will need to implement some other things to succeed and make money as a blogger.

So. let’s start with our topic, read carefully!

You CAN Make Serious Money Blogging in 2022 – Here Is Why!

Before I talk about how can you make money as a blogger in 2022 let’s first see why you can still make money by blogging today.

You must know that your blog must provide value to your target audience and you should know what you are talking about, you don’t need to be an expert but give true and proven information.

Let’s see why you can be a millionaire blogger today:

1. People Trust Blogs, Like It Or Not

That’s so true. Even today folks trust blogs who are offer quality information. How many times did you catch up yourself reading about something you wanted to know? You probably ”googled” something and start reading.

I am that person too. I simply enjoy reading blogs written by Neil Patel and Brian Dean. And I trust those blogs.

Gaining trust with your readers is crucial and if you want to be profitable as a blogger you will need to gain the trust of your readers. How will you do that? By writing high-quality content that will help them and that will answer their search query.

2. The Number Of Internet Users Is Increasing

Don’t be fooled that blogging is dead. I can say that blogging is extremely getting popular and more and more people are starting to do it.

It’s incredible how many people are online, there are Billions of folks online who are reading blogs, researching things, and looking for information on every topic you can imagine. You have all the potential to have thousands (if not millions) of readers on your blog.

Year by year the number of internet users is increasing and not declining so you can imagine how much money you can make.

3. More And More People Are Making Purchases Online

Let’s be honest, how many online purchases do you make each month? I know by myself that I am doing it a lot.

It’s pretty amazing how many people are buying stuff online and that number is only increasing. With that in mind, you as a blogger have the big potential to make money and achieve passive income.

If you choose the right niche and you keep posting content on that topic and promote some products or services, you can make a bunch of money.

I am sure you already know or even visit some bloggers in the fitness niche or healthy niche or any other. You probably saw that they are recommending products related to their niche on their website. Those bloggers are making millions by doing that!

You can too because Billions of people are online and are waiting for quality bloggers, to read their articles and get the information they are looking for and BUY things from them.

4. SEO Still Work In 2022

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) many marketing gurus and bloggers like to say that SEO is dead and that it is not worth investing time and effort in doing SEO.

I will say that SEO still works and that if you want to become a top paid blogger you will need to do the SEO if you want to get organic traffic on your website.

90% of my traffic comes from Google, I wouldn’t get it without doing the proper SEO on all the articles I wrote. SEO is hard and complicated if you plan to rank for high competition keywords but if you target low competition, long tail keywords you will achieve great success.

Google and other search engines are looking for high-quality content and they even exist because of content. You already heard how Content Is King, and that’s true.

When it comes to SEO I can recommend that you read Brian Dean’s articles related to SEO, you don’t need to be an expert, you just need to learn the basics and you will do great.

The point is that SEO is still working and it will continue to work as long there are search engines like Google.

5. Competition For Blogging Is Increasing Too Which Is Great

If you have heard that competition is increasing when it comes to blogging it is true but it is a big plus for you and me!

Do you know why? Because there is high competition there is a bunch of money to be made. You should remember that.

There are folks who will tell you that you should not invest time in blogging because you will never beat the competition. You actually don’t need to beat anyone, you just need to get a portion of the traffic they are getting you will be successful.

When I was starting 6 years ago there was also a competition. If I listened to people who were telling me that it is not worth anymore doing blogging I would never achieve creating a 6-figure website.

I succeed in that because I was listening only to myself and not others.

So, listen to yourself and do what you like, if you want to be a successful blogger start doing it now!

How Much Money Bloggers Actually Make? (My Case)

I will be honest here with you.

Probably around 90%-95% of all bloggers are making nothing. Zero. $0

There are thousands of websites online and thousands of bloggers but most of them are earning a BIG ZERO!

I am not one of those bloggers and I don’t want you to be that blogger too. If you are committing to blogging you should be making a nice passive income.

Why do most bloggers fail and earn nothing? – Because they don’t want to invest time and effort but they want instant results with blogging and that is not possible.

Let’s be honest, we all make blogs to make money. I have not created this blog just to share information but also to make passive income online. That’s okay and if you have a blog or you plan to build one you should make it profitable too.

The point is that you must invest time and patience into blogging. Most bloggers are earning $0 because they give up early, they quit blogging in their 2nd or 3rd month because they are not seeing the results they want to see.

I could quit too in my first couple of months and If I have done that I would never earn passive income online through the blog that I am making today.

Let’s now see how much money some bloggers make who already succeed in blogging.

I will start with myself. – $5.000+ Per Month (Digital Marketing niche)

I am a full-time blogger for nearly 7 years and I can say for myself that I am a pretty successful blogger today.

My Amazon Earnings:My Affiliate Marketing Earnings:

My Affiliate Marketing Earnings:

My earnings are passive and I have monetized my website primarily with affiliate marketing. It is for me one of the best methods to make money online in 2022.

The first image above shows you my monthly earnings from the Amazon affiliate program. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less, it all depends on traffic fluctuations each month.

The second image you see above is showing you my earnings from promoting just one product on my site. I am making much more than this every single month but I don’t like showing big numbers from my bank accounts.

With this image I just want to show you the potential of blogging and how much you can make if you commit yourself.

In the third image above, you can see my daily earnings from promoting another program on my site with the affiliate marketing method. You will see that daily income is not so big but at the end of the month it adds up to $3000+ which is crazy. I simply love affiliate marketing!

I honestly believe that you can see the potential you can make with blogging, it is definitely a very profitable method of making money today.

My niche is digital marketing but there are many other bloggers in different niches that are making a full-time income.

One of the important things is that you must be consistent and never give up because results will not come overnight.

Bloggers who are not making money and are not successful are those that give up too early. Remember that.

There Are Many Ways You Can Make Money Blogging

When it comes to blogging you can make money in various ways. Many bloggers who are just starting have no idea how to monetize their blogs and make money.

Let me explain a few most popular methods you can use to make money blogging:

1. Affiliate Marketing (My Favorite One)

That’s right. Affiliate marketing is my favorite way of making passive income online through my blog. It is simply a method where you promote products or services of companies in your niche and when someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase you will get a percentage of it.

Some percentages can go way up to 80% so you can make a bunch of money with affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to own your products or something similar, you just need to find and register on free affiliate programs and start promoting. The best promotion platform is definitely your blog so you will promote products in your niche on your blog.

Most of my income is coming from affiliate marketing and I always recommend it to folks who are just starting or who are even more experienced bloggers.

Some bloggers have so nice blogs and a nice amount of traffic but they don’t know how to monetize their blogs, affiliate marketing should be your number 1 choice!

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2. Ads On Your Site

I am sure you already know about putting ads on your blog and making money whenever someone clicks on it. Many bloggers think that they can’t earn money with this method but if you have a big audience on your site you can definitely make a good deal of money.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of making money from ads but there are bloggers who are making a six-figure per month just by putting ads on their sites.

Sure, you will need thousands and thousands of monthly visitors to make any serious money but it is definitely possible.

The most popular platform for ads is definitely Google Adsense but there are many more like Ezoic, Mediavine, and others. For Adsense, you will need to have a live website and a little traffic but for those like Ezoic and Mediavine, you will need to have a bunch of monthly visitors.

Of course, there are many other ways of making money through blogging, like sponsorship, selling your own products or services, and others.

Affiliate marketing is definitely my top recommendation for you if you plan to start blogging.

What Do You Need To Make Money Blogging In 2022?

Now that you know how profitable blogging is and that there are many ways of making money doing it, it’s time to see what you actually need to start profiting from blogging.

You know, there are bloggers who are not making even a dime and I am sure you don’t wanna be that blogger. So, keep in mind that you follow the tips I am sharing with you today.

1. You Need To Be Passionate About Your Niche

It’s simple as that. You should like what you write about because in that case you will be motivated to keep going and not give up.

Let’s say I enjoy writing about blogging and digital marketing, I could literally write about it all day and night.

I remember when I was doing a website in the weight loss niche, I could write about it but I couldn’t be happy doing it. So it is important that you find something that will fulfill you and readers will also notice that you like what you are talking about.

If pets are making you happy and you feel you can succeed in that niche, just go for it! If it is beers that you enjoy just start that niche, there are no limits to your imagination. But just start it!

2. You Need To Know What Are You Talking About

Let me clear this for you. Many folks will tell me that they are not experts in their niches or in some topics so they can’t start that niche.

It’s important to know that you don’t need to be an expert in a given niche, you just need to give your readers true and proven information about the topic you are writing about.

Sure, you should not write just like that, writing everything that comes to your mind, you first need to do research on the Internet about the topic you plan to write about. You will read what others already said about that topic and then you will write it in your own words, do not copy anyone!

When I was doing a weight loss website I was not a doctor o something similar, I was just doing the research about the topic I planned to write and that’s it.

Again, you don’t need to be an expert in any niche! You just need to give your audience what they want and that is quality information on the subject they are looking for.

3. You Must Be Disciplined (Or You Will Fail)

That’s right my fellow reader. If you are not disciplined you will at some point fail.

You will not always be motivated to work and there are times when you will want to give up, that is the moment when you must remember why are you doing this, and what is the end goal?

That 90% of bloggers fail just because of a lack of discipline. You can always be motivated but that is completely normal, that’s why you need to learn to be disciplined.

I love my niche and my website but do you think that I am always motivated to write articles every day? Of course not but I know that my earnings will increase if I write regularly and I will be more successful.

So, if you plan to start blogging or you are already a blogger then you should learn to be disciplined and no matter what, you should never give up.

Why You Should Start Blogging in 2022?

Here are some top reasons why you should start blogging in 2022:

  • you can work from anywhere, you just need an internet connection and a laptop or PC
  • you are the master of your own time
  • there is no limit to how much you can earn
  • you can have more time for your loved ones
  • you can travel around the world and still make money
  • it is a passive income online
  • you will build a great following

If you think about starting blogging there is nothing that should stop you from doing it. There are so many benefits and I can even tell all of them.

Important thing is that you should not listen to others, blogging is profitable today and it will be profitable 10 years from now.

Are You Ready To Become a Full-Time Blogger in 2022?

I honestly hope that this article helped you to find out how profitable is blogging and how much money you can actually make doing it.

It’s not hard man, you just need to push yourself to work and stay consistent, nothing else. If I succeed why do you can’t too? There is no one that can stop you from achieving success.

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