Income School Project 24 Review – Real Truth Behind This?

Welcome to my insightful review of Income School Project 24, a prominent online course designed by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, aimed at guiding aspirants in the realms of blogging and YouTube content creation.

This review is crafted for those curious about the course’s content, the instructors’ credentials, its effectiveness, and much more.

I’ve delved deep into the nuances of Project 24, analyzing its components thoroughly to offer you a clear, unbiased perspective.

Whether you’re pondering its worth, its results, or its suitability for your online venture, you’re in the right place.

Stay tuned as I unfold the layers of Income School Project 24, helping you make an informed decision about this digital education journey.

About Reviewer (Me!)

Hi, I’m Daniel, the voice and experience behind

With a rich background in affiliate marketing and blogging, I’ve spent years mastering the art of online income generation.

My journey has been filled with exploring numerous online courses and strategies, giving me a well-rounded perspective on what truly works in the digital marketing world.

My expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s grounded in real-world successes and challenges. As an affiliate marketer and blogger, I’ve learned to discern the value of online courses, separating the practical from the purely theoretical.

This review of Income School Project 24 comes from a place of experience and genuine intent to guide others in their online career pursuits.

Is Income School Project 24 Legit?

Yes, Income School Project 24 is legitimate. This course stands out in the crowded online education space due to its comprehensive curriculum, focused on creating profitable blogs and YouTube channels.

The founders, Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer are recognized for their practical approach and have a track record of successful online ventures.

The course’s legitimacy is further underscored by its detailed coverage of topics ranging from niche selection to monetization, coupled with regular updates to stay abreast of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Additionally, the inclusion of a supportive community forum and success stories from students reinforce its credibility.

Income School Project 24 is not a get-rich-quick scheme; it’s a structured program demanding time and effort, but for those committed to the learning process, it offers a genuine opportunity for building a sustainable online business.

What Is Income School Project 24?

Income School Project 24 is an online training program meticulously crafted by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, aimed at empowering individuals to build and grow successful online businesses through blogging and YouTube.

It’s named ‘Project 24’ because it’s designed as a 24-month roadmap, guiding users through the journey of creating and scaling a digital business from the ground up.

The program is comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics essential for online success, including niche selection, content creation, SEO strategies, and monetization methods.

Project 24 distinguishes itself with a step-by-step, actionable approach, making it suitable for both beginners and those who have some experience but seek to enhance their online presence and revenue.

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Who Are Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer?

Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer are the dynamic duo behind Income School Project 24, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of online entrepreneurship.

Ricky Kesler, with an engineering background and an MBA, transitioned from a traditional engineering role to pursue his passion for digital entrepreneurship.

His journey reflects a blend of technical skills and business acumen, making him well-equipped to guide others in building successful online businesses.

Jim Harmer, on the other hand, exemplifies the transformative power of niche websites. Starting as a college graduate stocking shelves, he turned his passion for photography into a highly successful online venture,

His transition from a struggling graduate to a successful online entrepreneur, and eventually an attorney, showcases his deep understanding of digital marketing and content creation.

Together, Kesler and Harmer combine their experiences to form Income School Project 24. Their diverse backgrounds contribute to a well-rounded course, offering insights from both a technical and creative standpoint.

They are not just educators but practitioners who have successfully implemented the strategies they teach, which adds an element of practicality and authenticity to their course.

What Does Project 24 Teach You?

Project 24 by Income School is an extensive training program that equips learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to build and scale profitable online businesses, particularly through blogging and YouTube.

The course covers a wide array of essential topics, meticulously designed to guide beginners and intermediate learners alike.

Key teachings of Project 24 include:

  1. Niche Selection: Understanding how to identify profitable niches with potential for growth and engagement.
  2. Content Creation: Crafting high-quality, engaging content that resonates with the target audience.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Implementing strategies to improve website visibility and rank higher in search engine results.
  4. Monetization Techniques: Exploring various methods to generate revenue from your online platforms, including affiliate marketing, advertisements, and sponsored content.
  5. Traffic Generation: Learning how to attract and retain visitors through organic search, social media marketing, and other channels.
  6. Long-term Business Strategy: Focusing on building sustainable online businesses that can grow and adapt over time.

Project 24 is unique in its approach, offering actionable, step-by-step guidance.

It doesn’t just provide theoretical knowledge; it also includes practical applications, templates, and real-world examples, making the learning process more tangible and result-oriented.

What Do You Get Inside Project 24 Course?

Inside Project 24, participants gain access to a wealth of resources and tools specifically designed to facilitate the journey of creating and growing an online business.

Here’s what you can expect upon joining the program:

  1. Detailed Video Lessons: The core of Project 24 is its extensive library of instructional videos. These lessons cover every aspect of online business building, from the basics of setting up a website to advanced monetization strategies.
  2. Actionable Roadmaps: Project 24 provides structured roadmaps that guide you through the 24-month program. These roadmaps serve as a step-by-step guide, ensuring you stay on track and understand the sequence of actions needed for success.
  3. Exclusive Community Access: Members get entry to a private community forum. This platform allows for networking with fellow learners, sharing experiences, getting feedback, and receiving support from peers.
  4. Regularly Updated Content: The digital landscape is ever-changing, and Project 24 stays relevant by regularly updating its content. This ensures that members always have access to the latest strategies and information.
  5. Member-Only Podcasts: The program includes exclusive podcasts that delve deeper into various topics, offering additional insights and tips from the experts at Income School.
  6. Live Mastermind Sessions: Project 24 hosts live events, including Q&A sessions with industry experts and workshops, providing members with real-time learning and networking opportunities.
  7. Additional Resources: Members also receive various supplementary materials like content templates, helpful spreadsheets, and a custom-built monetization plugin for WordPress.
  8. Premium WordPress Theme: A free premium WordPress theme, Acabado, is included. This theme is optimized for performance and SEO, providing a strong foundation for your website.
  9. Progress Tracking Tools: The program includes tools to track your progress, such as the “My Story Page,” which allows you to log income and views, helping you stay focused on your goals.

Project 24 is not just a collection of lessons; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed to support your journey from a beginner to a successful online entrepreneur.

How Much Does Project 24 Cost?

Project 24, known for its comprehensive approach to building successful online businesses, comes with a clear and straightforward pricing structure.

The cost is designed to provide access to all the valuable resources and tools the program offers. Here’s the breakdown of the pricing for Project 24:

  1. Initial Membership Fee: The first year of membership in Project 24 costs $449. This fee grants full access to all the program’s resources, including video lessons, community access, podcasts, and additional tools.
  2. Annual Renewal: After the first year, the membership renewal fee is $249 per year. This ongoing cost ensures that members continue to receive updates, support, and access to new content and resources added to the program.

It’s important to note that these prices cover the comprehensive educational content and tools provided by Project 24.

However, members should also consider additional costs related to building and running an online business, such as domain registration, web hosting, and potentially, costs associated with content creation tools or equipment for YouTube.

While these additional expenses vary depending on individual choices and needs, they are an essential part of the investment in building an online business.

In summary, Project 24 offers a well-structured and valuable educational experience with its initial and renewal membership fees, providing ongoing access to a wealth of resources designed for the success of digital entrepreneurs.

Does Project 24 Offer a Refund?

Project 24 adopts a clear policy regarding refunds, reflecting its commitment to a serious and dedicated learning environment.

As of the current policy, Project 24 does not offer refunds on its memberships. This decision is rooted in a desire to maintain the integrity of the course and its community.

The rationale behind this no-refund policy is to ensure that members who join are committed to the program and to prevent misuse of the resources, such as downloading content or gathering insights from the community, and then requesting a refund.

This policy underscores the importance of being certain about your decision to join Project 24.

Prospective members are encouraged to thoroughly review all the information available about the course, including its curriculum, testimonials, and the commitment required, before making the decision to enroll.

While the lack of a refund policy may seem daunting, it also reinforces the idea that Project 24 is an investment in your professional growth and online business venture.

This policy is a reminder that success in the digital entrepreneurship realm requires commitment, effort, and a long-term perspective.

Who Is Project 24 Best For?

Project 24 is tailored for a diverse range of individuals looking to delve into or enhance their presence in the digital business landscape. The program is particularly well-suited for:

  1. Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Those who are new to online business and need a comprehensive, structured roadmap to start and grow their ventures will find Project 24 immensely beneficial. It’s ideal for beginners who require guidance on every step of the process.
  2. Existing Bloggers and YouTubers: Individuals who already have a blog or YouTube channel but are struggling to gain traction or monetize effectively can leverage Project 24’s advanced strategies to refine their approach and achieve better results.
  3. Career Changers: For those looking to transition from traditional employment to running an online business, Project 24 offers the necessary tools and knowledge to make this shift successfully.

By catering to these diverse groups, Project 24 stands out as a versatile and comprehensive program, capable of meeting various needs and goals in the online business realm.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to elevate an existing project, Project 24 provides the resources and community support to help you succeed.

Project 24 Pros and Cons

Project 24, like any comprehensive educational program, comes with its own set of advantages and limitations.

Understanding these can help prospective members gauge if it aligns with their needs and expectations.

Here’s a balanced look at the pros and cons of Project 24:


  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers a wide range of topics from niche selection to monetization, offering a thorough education in online business building.
  2. Structured Roadmap: The 24-month program provides a clear, step-by-step guide, making it easier for beginners to follow and implement the strategies.
  3. Practical and Actionable: The course focuses on actionable steps rather than just theoretical knowledge, facilitating real-world application.
  4. Regular Updates: Stays relevant with the ever-changing online landscape by frequently updating its content.
  5. Community Support: Offers access to an active community forum for networking, support, and sharing experiences.


  1. Time Investment: Success with Project 24 requires a significant time commitment, which might not be feasible for everyone.
  2. No Refund Policy: The absence of a refund policy could be a drawback for those who are unsure about committing to the program.
  3. Lack of Off-Page SEO Techniques: While the course covers SEO extensively, it might fall short in teaching advanced off-page SEO strategies.
  4. Cost: The initial investment, along with annual renewal fees, could be a barrier for some, especially when additional costs for setting up and running an online business are considered.

Project 24 is a robust program for those serious about building an online business but requires a considerable commitment in terms of time, effort, and financial investment.

Understanding these pros and cons is crucial for making an informed decision about joining the program.

Income School Project 24 Conclusion

In conclusion, Income School Project 24 emerges as a substantial and credible program for those aiming to build and grow an online business through blogging and YouTube.

Its strengths lie in its comprehensive curriculum, actionable guidance, and the expertise of its creators, Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer. The program’s structured approach, coupled with an active community and regular content updates, make it a valuable investment for serious learners.

However, it’s important to consider the time commitment, financial investment, and the no-refund policy before diving in.

Project 24 is best suited for those who are committed to the long-term process of building a sustainable online presence and are ready to actively engage with the course materials and community.

Overall, for the right individual, Project 24 offers the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to potentially achieve significant success in the online entrepreneurial world.

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