Can Blogging Be a Full-Time Job? – You Should Know This!

It is very easy to start blogging part-time and make some cash from the side but becoming a full-time blogger is something that is not easy and takes time.

I am a full-time blogger for over 7 years and I can’t thank enough God that I have succeeded as a blogger. If you are here you are probably asking yourself can blogging be a full-time job?

Let me answer you right from the start, YES it can be your full-time job but you will need to know some things before you plan to become a full-time blogger.

Professional bloggers like me and many others are active on their blogs every single day, but it does not mean that if you are a full-time blogger you will not need to work anything. You will work harder than blogging as a freelancer! That is a fact.

The point is that it really pays off to become a full-time blogger because you will enjoy your earnings as a blogger, just like me and many other successful bloggers.

Before I show you my monthly earnings from my blog I want to tell you and explain to you how can you become a full-time blogger, and what you should do and what don’t.

So, Can Blogging Be a Full-Time Job?

In short, YES! It can. You can make a living by blogging if you know how to do that. And I will show you how at the end of this article.

What you should know is that you definitely can’t become a full-time blogger immediately because it takes time and patience.

I remember when I was starting, I had a full-time job working in a restaurant and I wanted to fully commit to blogging and quit my regular job. Luckily I did not quit because in that case, I would starve lol.

Why? Because making money from blogging takes time! You should know that before you decide to quit your job and start blogging.

So yes, blogging can be your full-time job and the earnings I am achieving prove that, just take a look at some of my earnings thanks to blogging. (Images below)

The best thing is that blogging makes me passive income and you can to start making it if you commit but before you become a full-time blogger you should know a couple of very important things.

Blogging CAN and WILL become your full-time job if you follow the right path but now before I reveal to you how to become a successful blogger I want to give you some tips you should follow if you plan to become a full-time blogger.

Tips For Becoming a Full-Time Blogger

1. Do Not Quit Your Regular (9-5) Job, Yet

I have heard many times how people want to quit their regular job because they want to become full-time bloggers and make money blogging. Listen, you will not make any money blogging in your first 3 months!

Do not make the mistake of giving up on your regular job and committing fully to blogging because you will not have to pay your rent and bills. That’s right, blogging will not pay your bills maybe in your first 6-12 months, that is the reality.

If you think that you will create your blog today and start publishing posts for a month and earn one salary, you are wrong my man. Blogging does not work like that.

To be successful in blogging and make money you first need to start ranking in search engines like Google and it will take anywhere from 3-6 months from my personal experience.

So, forget about quitting your regular job, and working on blogging part-time, and when you start seeing great results and money that can pay your bills, then quit your job.

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2. Invest Time And Money In Yourself As a Blogger

If you plan to blog 2 times per month or 5 times per month then it is better to not start it at all. You will need to invest time in yourself as a blogger if you want to become a full-time blogger and most importantly, a successful blogger.

Like it or not but bloggers also invest money in their online business, if you are not ready to invest money you will greatly suffer as a blogger. I have learned that to make money as a blogger you must first invest money.

So, before you can become a full-time blogger you should invest in:

  • Education about blogging
  • Content creation
  • Keyword research
  • SEO optimization
  • Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from a blog

You can learn all of this completely for free if you do the research on the Internet but I recommend that you invest money in training that will teach you how to do blogging properly and make money doing it.

I will give you the best platform that can teach you how to become a successful blogger at the end of this article so make sure that you read till the end.

If you start completely alone you can get many disinformation and you can easily quit so it is very important that you have help and support from the start, in that way success is inevitable.

3. Make Sure To Choose An Evergreen Niche For Your Blog

Choosing an evergreen niche is very important if you plan to make serious money with your blog and eventually become a full-time blogger.

Many people make the mistake, in the beginning, they choose broad topics or they choose seasonal topics.

The evergreen niche is the niche that never will be outdated or the niche that is ALWAYS popular and trending.

Some of those niches are:

  • Wealth
  • Health and Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Pets
  • Finances
  • Nutrition, Healthy food
  • , and others

I choose the digital marketing niche and everything related to blogging and affiliate marketing. In that way, my blog will never stop trending because that niche will always be popular.

On the other hand, if you choose your niche to be Halloween staff you will only be popular during that season, and after it finishes you will get 0 views and clicks to your blog.

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4. Start Using Affiliate Marketing Right From The Start

As a blogger, you can monetize your blog with various methods but one that is the best is definitely affiliate marketing. Basically, you can start making money with affiliate marketing as soon as you start getting your first visits to a blog.

Sure, there is Adsense, sponsored posts, banner ads, paid events, and many others but nothing will make you money better than affiliate marketing.

I am a full-time affiliate marketer and all of my online income comes from doing affiliate marketing.

So, when you create your blog and start producing content you should immediately start implementing affiliate marketing to your strategies because with it you can start making money even in your first 3 months.

You will not get rich quickly or anything similar but you will see that it is working and that it has the potential to become your full-time job.

On the link below you can read how can you become a successful affiliate marketer and start making passive income online doing this very profitable online business method.

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5. Be Patient And Give Yourself Time (At Least 3 Months!)

This is maybe the most important tip and advice I can give you if you plan to start blogging full-time.

You will definitely not get rich in your first 6-12 months of blogging but in that time frame, you will make great success and maybe some great extra income to pay your bills.

Above I said to give yourself at least 3 months because that is the time when most bloggers see their first results and first income from blogging. I saw my first affiliate sale on my blog in my second month of blogging and when it starts, you basically made it.

Unfortunately, many new bloggers give up in their first month and that is where you can’t see any results because in your first month it is trial and error. You must practice and do SEO to be able to start getting success with your blog.

The Best Blogging Training Platform That Can Change Your Life

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Blogging Full-Time FAQ

1. Can blogging be a full-time job or not?

Yes, blogging can be a full-time job but only if you commit and give yourself time for success. If you plan to quit your regular 9-5 job and start blogging full-time, it will not work.

Becoming a full-time blogger and making a great income from it can take you from 3-12 months.

2. How much can I make in a year as a blogger?

If you dedicate yourself and work from the start as it should, you can easily start making anywhere from $1k-$3k in your first year as a blogger. Of course, I primarily think you can make this income by doing affiliate marketing on your blog, it is definitely the fastest way to start making big money as a blogger.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to do affiliate marketing but some other monetization method it can take you much longer.

3. Is it profitable to be a blogger in 2023?

It will be always profitable to be a blogger as long as there is the Internet and people are searching the web. Of course, you can’t just start blogging and think that you will make money only by doing it. You need to monetize your blog if you plan to earn money, otherwise, your blog will earn you nothing.

But yes, blogger as an online job will always be profitable.

4. How long will it take me to start making money full-time by blogging?

Honestly, if you are doing everything right and you are following the right strategies you can expect to start making a full-time income even in your first year of blogging. I achieved that thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate training and you can too.

If you want to learn how to start making money with blogging and affiliate marketing, I recommend that you click on the link below and read my honest article on how to start and make passive income online!

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