Insta Cash Secret Review – Great Survey Site Or?

If you ever wanted to start making money online you have probably run into many survey sites that are promising big earnings with a little work.

Sure, doing surveys online is completely legit and you can make money doing it but not all survey sites are good for you. There are certainly many scams online and you should be aware of them.

Today I am gonna present you Insta Cash Secret site that is supposed to make you money by doing surveys.

Inside this Insta Cash Secret review, you are gonna discover what is it, how it works, and whether should you even trust it or not.

My name is Daniel and I am a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer who is making a full-time income online for nearly 8 years. I have vast experience in what works and what does not so you will get proven and trusted information from me.

So, let’s start with our review right now!

Insta Cash Secret Short Overview

  • Website: Insta Cash Secret
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price: Free
  • Is it a scam: Probably yes
  • Do I recommend it: No

In short, Insta Cash Secret is a survey site where you can start doing many different surveys and make money. This website claims that they are the best ones in the industry and that you can start making even $100 with your first survey.

But is it really true? Doing surveys online is a good way to make some extra cash but trust me, you will make it for a coffee or sandwich, you cannot make a living doing surveys online. I tried it!

The biggest problem I have found on this website is that it has a bunch of false reviews from people who supposedly are using the site and making money.

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What Is Insta Cash Secret?

From my point of view and from my personal experience with this site, I can say that it is a misleading survey site. Why? Because you will be made to think that you will start making hundreds of dollars online by only doing their surveys.

It is really a shame that they proclaimed themselves as a top survey site and still they are giving people false testimonials and spamming people’s emails.

As I said, you can definitely make money by doing surveys online, on sites like Neobux or ySense. They are trusted sites and there you can make real money.

The point with Insta Cash Secret is that they only want your email address so that they could sell it to third-party companies that will spam you by sending various emails.

Maybe the worst thing is that this site does not have a verified owner, you can’t actually find who is the creator of Insta cash Secret and that is a big minus.

I can even say that their official page is made just to get people into and that’s it. You will even not find a FAQ on their site or anything similar, not even support which is very bad.

How Does Insta Cash Secret Work?

Insta Cash Secret works pretty simply. Although I am not a big fan of this website I will tell you how it actually works if you want to give it a try.

What I recommend is that you use some other email instead of your personal one because in that way you will avoid spam emails coming from them.

Registration on this survey website is free and to join you will only need to enter your email address and your name. Once you register successfully you will get into the survey part where you will be asked how much would you like to make working on their site.

Marketing is done so great because you will believe that this is a top survey site where you can make a bunch of money but the truth is different, you will not make even a dime.

So, when you start doing surveys you will see how big the earning potential is but the problem is that those surveys are scams, most of the time.

You will even get a warning message from your laptop or PC that the site you are currently on is dangerous and suspicious.

The real reason why Insta Cash secret wants you to register is only to get your email so you can start getting spam emails from them. That’s all.

Do you really think that you will make $100 on your first survey here? Imagine if it was so easy everyone would do it, even me.

Is Insta Cash Secret a Scam?

Unfortunately, I must say that Insta Cash Secret is a scam. It is a website whose owner is not known and that is only one of the cons of this website.

The point is that this survey website is misleading and it actually scams people by promoting them fast earnings and high ticket surveys when in reality you will not earn anything.

It is completely legal to make money doing online surveys but those websites also need to be legit and not fraudulent. Neobux is one of those websites where you can start making money doing online surveys.

Insta Cash Secret is using your email to start sending you spam messages and that is why they claim that you can make $100 on your first survey, just to lure you into registering and giving them your email address.

Insta Cash Secret Pros

I would like to mention some pros of this website but unfortunately, I can’t find even one.

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Insta Cash Secret Cons

There are actually many cons of this website and I want to mention some of the most important ones.

  • The only one who will make money is actually the creator

That’s right, the moment you register on the website they will have your email address and you will start getting spam emails promoting some affiliate products. If you buy something through their email they will make money.

This is pretty unethical and this is why you should avoid this type of survey website.

  • The owner of Insta Cash Secret is an unknown person

I was trying to do some research about the owner of this website but unfortunately, I did not find anything about him. It is a big minus when you don’t know who is behind the website.

  • Misleading earning claims

This is maybe the worst con about Insta Cash Secret. On their official website, you will see the message about how you will start making $100+ with their surveys but actually, you will earn nothing.

You are said that you will get high ticket surveys once you register on the website but you will not get anything, so be aware of that.

Insta Cash Secret Conclusion – Is There a Better Way To Make Money Online?

Let me be clear with you, Insta Cash Secret is a free website where you can register absolutely for free so you can test the things and see for yourself how it works.

If you believe that you will start making $100+ per survey just go ahead but I would not recommend doing it.

Making money online with surveys is definitely possible and you can start earning BUT you must choose proven and trusted websites, like Neobux and ySense.

You can’t believe that you will start making serious money online by just watching some ads or filling out some surveys, you will need to invest your time and work into real online business to be able to generate a full-time income online.

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