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Welcome to my insightful review of Passive Income Geek, a course designed by Morten Storgaard.

This program has garnered attention for its promise to teach individuals how to successfully navigate the world of online income through blogging, affiliate marketing, and ads.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to explore the realms of making money online, or someone looking to refine existing skills, this review aims to provide you with a thorough and honest analysis of what Passive Income Geek offers.

I’ll delve into the course’s structure, content, and real-world applicability of its teachings, helping you determine if it aligns with your goals of establishing a successful online presence and income stream.

Stay tuned as I unpack everything you need to know about Passive Income Geek.

About Reviewer (Me!)

Hi, I’m Daniel, the voice and experience behind

With a rich background in affiliate marketing and blogging, I’ve spent years mastering the art of online income generation.

My journey has been filled with exploring numerous online courses and strategies, giving me a well-rounded perspective on what truly works in the digital marketing world.

My expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s grounded in real-world successes and challenges. As an affiliate marketer and blogger, I’ve learned to discern the value of online courses, separating the practical from the purely theoretical.

This review of Passive Income Geek comes from a place of experience and genuine intent to guide others in their online career pursuits.

What is Passive Income Geek?

Passive Income Geek is an online course crafted by Morten Storgaard, launched in November 2020. It’s designed to guide you through the intricacies of generating income online via blogging and affiliate marketing.

The course stands out in the crowded digital marketplace for its focus on creating and monetizing websites through organic traffic and affiliate networks.

Morten Storgaard, leveraging his years of experience in affiliate marketing, imparts his insights and strategies in a structured format, offering learners a practical roadmap to online success.

This course is not just about theory; it embodies real-world applications, demonstrated by Morten’s own successful online ventures.

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or enhance your existing online business, Passive Income Geek promises to be a comprehensive resource in your digital entrepreneurship journey.

Who is Morten Storgaard?

Morten Storgaard is the mastermind behind Passive Income Geek. Hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, he is a seasoned affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur.

Storgaard’s journey in the digital realm began back in 2007, and by 2010, he had transitioned to a full-time SEO consultant.

His credibility is not just in his tenure but also in his tangible achievements, such as running successful websites and a YouTube channel dedicated to affiliate marketing, boasting over 10,000 subscribers and significant viewership.

Morten’s approach to online business is grounded in his desire for quality family time, a value that resonates with many aspiring entrepreneurs.

His course, “Passive Income Geek,” is a reflection of his years of experience and success. Storgaard’s background and achievements lend him genuine credibility in the world of online income generation.

Through his course, he aims to share his knowledge and strategies, helping others to replicate his success in the field of affiliate marketing and SEO.

What Can You Learn With Passive Income Geek?

In the Passive Income Geek course, you embark on a comprehensive learning journey, guided by Morten Storgaard’s proven strategies.

The course primarily focuses on creating and monetizing niche websites.

You’ll delve into a variety of topics, including:

  1. Niche Selection: Identifying profitable niches and understanding their potential.
  2. Topic Research: Mastering the art of keyword and topic selection to attract organic traffic.
  3. Creating and Managing Websites: Learn to set up, design, and manage effective websites on platforms like WordPress.
  4. Content Creation: Techniques for writing engaging, SEO-optimized content that resonates with your audience.
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Strategies to rank your website higher on search engines and increase visibility.
  6. Monetization Methods: Exploring various avenues like affiliate marketing and ad placements to generate revenue.
  7. Scaling and Outsourcing: Guidance on how to expand and manage your online business effectively.

Morten’s course is structured to provide practical, real-world skills, suitable for beginners and intermediate marketers alike.

It equips you with the necessary tools and knowledge to start your journey of making money online through blogging and affiliate marketing.

What Is Inside Passive Income Geek Course?

When you enroll in Passive Income Geek, you’re granted access to a wealth of resources and tools designed to facilitate your journey in online income generation.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:

  1. Structured Modules: The course is segmented into comprehensive modules covering niche selection, topic research, website setup, content creation, SEO, monetization, social media strategies, and outsourcing.
  2. Step-by-Step Video Tutorials: Morten Storgaard provides detailed video guides that walk you through each aspect of building and managing a successful online business.
  3. Practical Examples: Real-world examples from Morten’s own successful websites, offering insights into practical applications of the strategies taught.
  4. Interactive Community Access: Engage with a community of learners and practitioners, including direct insights and support from Morten and other members.
  5. Tools and Resources: Guidance on essential tools such as hosting services, ad networks, SEO tools, and affiliate programs to optimize and monetize your website.
  6. Continuous Updates: The course content is regularly updated to stay relevant with the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.
  7. Support and Feedback: Opportunities to receive feedback and support on your progress, helping you refine your strategies and approach.

This comprehensive package is designed to not only impart knowledge but also to provide practical tools and community support, ensuring that learners can effectively apply what they’ve learned to real-world scenarios.

How Much Does Passive Income Geek Cost?

The pricing structure of Passive Income Geek is straightforward and transparent, offering a clear path to access its comprehensive online course.

Here are the details regarding the cost:

  1. Initial Year Subscription: The course is priced at $399 for the first year. This initial fee grants you full access to all the modules, video tutorials, community support, and additional resources provided in the course.
  2. Subsequent Yearly Subscription: After the first year, the subscription fee reduces to $199 per year. This ongoing cost ensures continued access to the course material, updates, and the community forum.
  3. Additional Costs: While the course fee covers most of what you need, be prepared for potential extra costs associated with tools and resources such as web hosting, SEO tools, and other recommended software or services that are essential for building and running your niche sites.

It’s important to consider these costs as an investment in your online business venture.

The course aims to provide value far exceeding its price, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to potentially generate significant online income.

Does Passive Income Geek Offer Refunds?

Yes, Passive Income Geek comes with a reassuring refund policy. The course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If within the first 30 days of your subscription, you find that the course doesn’t meet your expectations, or you’re not satisfied with the content for any reason, you are eligible to request a full refund.

This policy highlights confidence in the quality of the course and provides a risk-free opportunity for learners to explore the material and decide if it’s the right fit for them.

Who’s Passive Income Geek For?

Passive Income Geek is tailored for a diverse range of individuals looking to make their mark in the online income world. It’s particularly suitable for:

  1. Beginners: Those who are new to affiliate marketing and blogging will find the course’s step-by-step guidance invaluable.
  2. Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Individuals looking to start their own online business but are unsure where to begin.
  3. Bloggers and Content Creators: Existing bloggers and content creators seeking to enhance their skills in SEO and monetization.
  4. Side Hustlers: People looking to build a secondary source of income through online channels.
  5. Career Changers: Individuals aiming to shift their career towards digital marketing or online entrepreneurship.

The course is designed to be accessible and beneficial for anyone with an interest in learning how to generate income online, regardless of their prior experience or background.

Do I Recommend Passive Income Geek?

Absolutely, I recommend Passive Income Geek for those aiming to make a mark in the online money-making arena.

The course’s comprehensive curriculum is its most significant asset, seamlessly blending theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Morten Storgaard, with his proven track record in affiliate marketing, brings an authenticity to the course that is hard to find elsewhere. The inclusion of a supportive community further enriches the learning experience, offering real-time advice and encouragement.

Its beginner-friendly approach makes it an ideal starting point for novices, yet it’s detailed enough to benefit those with some experience in the field.

Overall, Passive Income Geek emerges as a valuable tool for anyone serious about establishing a successful online business.

Passive Income Geek Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive Coverage: The course thoroughly covers various aspects of online income generation, from website creation to monetization.
  • Real-World Application: Morten provides practical examples and strategies from his own experience, making the content highly applicable.
  • Accessible to Beginners: The course is designed to be user-friendly, especially for those new to affiliate marketing and blogging.
  • Supportive Community: Access to a community offers additional support and networking opportunities.
  • Credibility of Instructor: Morten Storgaard’s success and expertise lend authenticity to the course material.


  • Initial Cost: The upfront fee of $399 might be a significant investment for some.
  • Additional Expenses: Extra costs for tools and resources are not included in the subscription fee.
  • Evidence of Success: There is limited public evidence of student success stories, which may be a concern for potential enrollees.

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My journey in the digital realm has led me to a simple yet effective strategy: creating straightforward affiliate websites that bridge the gap between consumers and the products they seek.

This method, known as affiliate marketing, has proven to be an exceptionally viable way to earn money online.

It’s not just about selling; it’s about connecting and adding value, aligning people with solutions they’re actively searching for.

Affiliate marketing, in my experience, stands out as a highly rewarding path to online income generation.

Its flexibility, scalability, and potential for passive income make it an attractive option for anyone looking to establish a foothold in the digital marketing world.

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of starting your own journey in affiliate marketing, I encourage you to explore further.

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Remember, the journey to successful online earning is a learning process, one that is as rewarding as it is challenging.

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