Your Wealth Magnet Review 2024 – Biggest Scam Ever?

Update 2022: The official site of Your Wealth Magnet is not live anymore! But still, continue reading this article and you will find a way better option to make a REAL online business!

Welcome to Your Wealth Magnet review where I will be sharing my experience and the experiences of others people who have tried this product.

Your Wealth Magnet is becoming pretty popular lately and people are actually buying it. Still, many folks ask me if Your Wealth Magnet is a scam or is legit and many other questions regarding the trustworthiness.

My name is Daniel and I am a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer who is enjoying doing this kind of review, especially when it comes to products that promise you to fast make money online.

I have reviewed hundreds of products and some of them are truly the golden ones but you also have those scammy products that only want your money and nothing else.

That is why you need to do good research before joining or buying these types of products.

Let’s now see what you can expect from Your Wealth Magnet system.

Your Wealth Magnet – Short Overview

  • The product: Your Wealth Magnet
  • Type of product: Wealth mindset training and Law of attraction training
  • The price: $27 + upsells
  • The owner: Michel Mcnally
  • Is it a scam: No
  • Do I recommend it: Definitely not

In short, Your Wealth Magnet is a set of lessons, primarily ebooks and audio tapes that are gonna teach you to have a proper mindset for success and learn the law of attraction when it comes to wealth and money.

At first thought, I was thinking that this system is gonna teach me how to make money online but it’s not the case. With this online system, you will not learn how to make money with affiliate marketing or anything similar.

On the other hand, you might think how Your Wealth Magnet is cheap but it comes with many upsells I am gonna talk about in this review.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of this thing like attracting money with your mindset and similar things but people are buying this product and there are even some positive reviews about it.

The point is that if you want to earn a passive income online and make a true online business there is no law of attraction that will help you. You must work to achieve success!

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What Is Your Wealth Magnet About?

Just like I have said at the beginning, I thought that with this online system you will learn how to make money online by doing some online method like affiliate marketing or dropshipping, etc. but it is not the case.

With Your Wealth Magnet, you are gonna learn about the method called Abundance Butterfly Effect which is focused on positive thinking and ”attracting” the wealth to you.

So, it is not training about making money online but lessons on how to think positive and have a ”wealthy” mindset so that you can attract success in terms of business.

The owner of this thing is Michel Mcnally and he claims that you can literally change your life for the better if you use his method called Abundance Butterfly Effect.

He is pretty successful in selling this online system and I think that is because people often think about how they ”don’t have luck” and similar things so Your Wealth Magnet is perfect for those who believe that if they think positively they will be successful.

But does it actually work? Honestly, I think not. Just like I have said, you will need to work hard and have an education if you want to make a real online business. Just imagine that you think positively about money and wealth and by tomorrow you are rich.

It’s not working like that.

So, to wrap things around, Your Wealth Magnet contains a set of ebooks and audio tapes that are gonna teach you to think positively and ”attract” wealth to you by working on yourself, primarily on your mindset.

What Do You Get Inside Your Wealth Magnet?

If you decide to buy Your Wealth Magnet you are gonna get lessons on how to take your mindset to the next level when it comes to wealth and money. It mostly contains eBooks and audio tapes that should work for you.

Here is what are you going to get:

– The Wealth Magnet Ebook – this ebook contains about 118 pages on how to change your mindset when it comes to online business and how to attract money in your life by thinking positively.

The pages of this ebook will teach you how to properly set goals, how to achieve your set goals, and how to use the law of attraction to attract wealth to you.

This is gonna work for some people and for some probably not. As I have understood you are mostly dependent on luck here which is not such great.

Manifest Your Destiny ebook – here we have other lessons and audiotapes that are meant to ”brainwash” your brain by teaching you how to meditate and attract wealth. In this ebook, you are gonna teach about the Abundance Butterfly Effect, how it works, and how to manifest it.

– Abundance Immersion – here we have a set of PDF and video lessons. Here you will learn the basics of the law of attraction and how to achieve success by putting it into action.

I know that there are people who are making success with the law of attraction and I know people are believing in that but tell me honestly, have you ever succeeded, even once in something using the law of attraction?

I don’t wanna say that it is not possible but everything I have achieved in my life is through hard work and patience. If I have used the law of attraction to have a six-figure website I doubt that I would succeed in that.

It’s up to you to decide but I advise you that you think even twice before joining here.

How Much Does Your Wealth Magnet Cost?

When it comes to the price, Your Wealth Magnet is pretty cheap but watch out for those nasty upsells you are gonna stumble upon.

The original price of this online system is $37 but what is the catch? If you go to exit the page you are gonna see the discount and in that case, you can get Your Wealth Magnet for only $27.

This would all be good if there are no upsells. With the price of $27, you will get the basics, and literally, you can’t learn much because you are ”forced” to get those upsells if you want to learn more about attracting wealth.

Here goes the upsells:

  1. Abundance Immersion VIP Program that costs $67
  2. Manifest Your Destiny System that costs $47
  3. Manifest Your Destiny System & Real Money Stream which costs $47

As you can see, in the end, you will not pay only $27 but much more than that. Sure, you don’t need to buy all those packages but you will be limited on what you can learn and achieve.

My opinion is that you can find great online courses for this price and much cheaper, like lets Wealthy Affiliate platform where you can learn how to make real online business by doing blogging and affiliate marketing.

Is Your Wealth Magnet a Scam?

Although this program is not something that can make you rich or change your life I can’t say that it is a scam. It is a legit program that talks about attracting wealth to your life by the law of attraction and you may have the luck to achieve it by doing this.

It can be a good online system that can help you change your mindset about succeeding online but only if you commit and give it time.

Your Wealth Magnet can’t make you reach or bring you success overnight, if anyone tells you that, he is lying to you or he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

The owner of this product, Michel Mcnally is a legit person and he is pretty successful in selling his products. You will not get scammed by this product but honestly, I think that you will just waste time.

Although Your Wealth Magnet is not so expensive like let’s say Super Affiliate Network it is not worth your time and effort.

Yes, you can manifest the law of attraction but you need to work hard, you can’t just think about something, and boom, it will appear in front of you. You must work hard for what you want!

What About Fake Testimonials

Yes, I must disappoint you when it comes to other people’s reviews about this product.

The point is that when you land on their sales page and even if you watch some of the videos you can easily conclude that those are fake testimonials.

You might ask why? – Well, because you will see many folks earning millions of dollars in a short period and I must say that it does not work like that.

You can pay for testimonials on sites like Fiverr and you will get ”testimonials” from people who tried and tested the product and even made money. It’s just fake my fellow reader.

Your Wealth Magnet is overhyped in my opinion and you are made to believe that you will get rich overnight by only applying the law of attraction.

You will not get rich and you should be happy if you even make some money but you will not until you put in hard work and action. We would all become millionaires if it is so easy.

Your Wealth Magnet Pros

Although I am not a big fan of this kind of product, Your Wealth Magnet actually has some pros for those people who wanna give it a try and test it:

  • You have a money-back guarantee – this is a big plus which means that you will not get scammed and you can easily return your money if you are not satisfied.
  • It might work if you commit – the truth is that there is no guarantee that you will succeed with this and make money but you can try. If you believe in the law of attraction it might be for you.
  • It is legit – you will not get scammed, that is very important. Michel is talking here about legit methods and for someone might work while for someone not.

Your Wealth Magnet Cons

There are a few things I am not happy with about this product and I hope that those cons will help you to determine if Your Wealth Magnet is for you or not.

  • It is overhyped and has misleading sales pages – this is the main reason I don’t like it. If something works and you have confidence that it is good then you should not make misleading sales pages about it. You are made to think that this will 100% work for you and that is not true, there are people who are not satisfied with how this work.
  • It has a bunch of upsells – although the upsells are not a big deal as they are not so expensive but still, at the beginning you think that you will pay only $27 and when you enter you are gonna be asked to buy those upsells.
  • Fake testimonials – I can guarantee you that 95% of those testimonials that you will find on YouTube and other sources are fake and made by people who are paid to do that. You will see expensive cars, big houses, millions on bank accounts, etc. and because of that, you should avoid it.

Is Your Wealth Magnet System For You?

I can’t say that you should not have a proper mindset about wealth and getting money but with this product, you are gonna learn everything that you can learn also on YouTube for free.

If you are a believer in the law of attraction and you may have an experience with that, it’s okay then you might give it a try.

The point is that if you want to be successful and make your life better you must work and you must go into action. Simply implementing these things that Your Wealth Magnet teaches will not be enough.

Yes, you will learn things about setting goals and having a proper mindset but you will also need to start working if you are gonna achieve what you want. Law attraction is working for someone and for someone not, remember that.

In the end, you have a money-back guarantee so you can just test it and see for yourself.

What Is The Way Better Alternative? – Just Make REAL Online Business

That’s right my fellow friend. Just start working and you will make an awesome success online.

Your Wealth Magnet will NOT teach you how to make a real online business but it will only teach you about setting the proper mindset for success.

I want to recommend to you my way of making passive income online with the help of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. A platform that helped me achieve a full-time income and that helped me create a six-figure website you read now.

If you put in the hard work and dedication you won’t need the law of attraction to manifest success, you WILL achieve it by WORKING on yourself.

Today, I am not enjoying life because I was doing the law of attraction but because I have put work into online business and I have achieved my dreams.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a platform that can teach, with my help how to create a profitable website and make passive income by doing affiliate marketing.

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