10 Best Micro Niche Website Ideas For 2024

I suppose that you have read about how blogging is a great way to make serious money online. And it is completely true.

If you were searching on how to start your own blog you probably heard about choosing a micro-niche so that you can eventually succeed with your blog.

I can say that it is also true. We live in a blogging era and it is hard today to ”fight” those authority niche websites. That is why you will need to choose a micro niche for yourself, but you need to choose a profitable niche that will make you money. It is useless to write about something that nobody cares about.

You want to make real and serious money here, am I right?

Choosing a micro-niche is your foundation and from that choice depends on will you make money or not.

In this article, I will try to explain to you how to choose a profitable micro-niche and I will give you the best micro niche website ideas that you can use to make money with your blog.

I truly hope that this post will help you to choose the best niche for yourself.

So, let’s get straight to the topic.

What Is Actually a Niche Website?

I was surprised how many folks and future bloggers even don’t know what is actually a niche. My inbox is full of questions related to what is a niche website, what it means, etc.

It is pretty simple. A niche website is a website that is an authority in one particular field. Let’s say we have a niche website in the dog food field. What does it mean?

It means that the website is talking only about dog food and nothing else. That website is the authority in that field IE niche.

That is why is it important for us bloggers to choose micro-niches, we WANT to become the authority in one field, not many fields.

Google simply loves micro niche websites because there we are talking about one field and we are becoming experts with time, as we add new content consistently.

But what is the problem with niches today?

Like I said in the beginning, COMPETITION is our main problem. Especially if we are working in general niches like tennis. It would be nearly impossible today to rank under those general terms related to tennis because authority sites won the first pages of Google.

That is why we must choose a micro-niche!

What Is Micro (Sub) Niche?

Micro niches are more targeted niches. Let’s say we have a dog niche. Just like with tennis, it would be impossible to rank in such a general niche like dogs.

BUT if we choose a micro-niche like let’s say raw food for dogs, that is a completely different story. You can see that is it pretty targeted which allows us to break through search engines and rank our content well.

Let’s see one more example. Again, I will use the dog niche.

So we said that the dog niche is very general and we should avoid general niches when we are starting at all costs.

Here we have a more targeted micro-niche: raw food for Labradors.

When you search long-tail keywords about this micro-niche you will see that it has no big competition which ensures that you have a good chance of ranking in search engines.

So, you will write (talk) on your website only about raw food for Labradors, you will not mention other dog breeds or other types of food. If you do that you are going from a micro-niche to a general niche and we want to avoid that.

Of course, when your site becomes more trusted and authoritative in Google’s eyes you can spread your micro-niche a little further, lets’s say you then start writing about the health of Labradors, and in that way, you are becoming an even more expert.

I hope that it is clear to you what is a micro niche and why you should choose it. You definitely want to avoid that competition on search engines and that competition is in general niches.

You can make a real online profitable business in nearly any micro niche but there are things you should know before getting your hands on the niche you chose.

Read about that below, it is very important if your goal is to make money from your website because you must choose a profitable niche.

Will You Chose a Niche Or Profitable Niche?

Just like I said above, if you want to earn money with your blog you must be in a profitable niche. In that way, you can be sure that you will be successful and that you will become an authority in that niche.

I often see those beginners who are just starting, they choose a niche just like that and later they ask me why they are not profitable. Let me tell you if you are writing about history, travels, art, your life or your hobbies, etc. you will not earn any money.

Well, maybe you will earn some cash with Google Adsense but that is nothing compared to what could you earn if you are in a very profitable niche.

I will tell you what should you pay attention to while searching and finding your niche:

– Does it have affiliate offers you could promote? – This is very important. One of the best ways to earn money through your blog is affiliate marketing, if you have not learned it so far then you should. If you want to earn real and big money you must do affiliate marketing.

But how can you do affiliate marketing if your niche does not have products you can promote on your website? Then your website will suffer in terms of profit.

You should check on Google does your niche have some products you can promote and you should find at least 2,3 affiliate program where can you join later. Not immediately after creating a blog but later, when you have at least 30 quality blog posts on your website.

Just type in Google ”your niche” + ”affiliate program” without quotes. Let’s say for example dog food for Labradors + affiliate program and you will see that Google will give you sites that are offering affiliate programs in that niche. You do the same with every niche you want.

– What’s the competition? – Do not be afraid of competition. Remember, where is a high amount of competition there is money. And we are after the money. Again, check Google and see does it have some serious competition or if there is no one doing it in that niche. If no one is doing in that niche run because that means that money is not there.

– Check the keywords, do the keywords research – Yes, this is very important. By doing keyword research you will see is there high volume keywords that are searched on Google.

One great tool you can use is Ahrefs. This tool will tell you how many searches per month a keyword gets and how much competition it has. It is important that you find high volume, low competition keywords. With those keywords, you will rank pretty easily in SERP.

– Will people actually spend their money? – This is in correlation with the affiliate programs. If there is a lot of affiliate programs in that niche then you are fine. Remember that people must spend their money on products/services so that you would earn from it.

If people are not interested buying in what you are offering on your website then you will not make any money. That is something that should be popular, that people will like.

Now when we know what are niches and what are micro-niches, how we should choose a profitable niche based on the criteria I have given you above let’s see some of the best micro niche ideas you can choose for your website.

10 Best Micro Niche Website Ideas For 2022 (And Most Profitable!)

1. Vegan Bodybuilding

Yes, this niche is fantastic because we are working here with bodybuilders who are vegans. You probably know how hard it is to find the right nutrition and training when it comes to vegan bodybuilding. You can offer your target audience a bunch of information on this topic.

What is great about this is that there are plenty of affiliate programs you can find in this niche.

You can see this site to get some inspiration and motivation NoMeatAthlete.com

When you take a look at this site you can see that their earnings are coming mostly from affiliate marketing, its content is pretty easy to monetize because you have what to sell here. This is a money-making niche.

Here in this niche, you are not targeting only vegans or only bodybuilders, that would be a very broad niche. You target here very specific people and that is what we want as bloggers! No broad target audience or niche!

2. Dogs

Niche about dogs is very profitable but again, you want to narrow your niche a little. If you are writing generally about dogs then your website will suffer because of very high competition.

We already talked about this niche, in the beginning, try to focus on something targeted. Let’s say our example from above, dog food for Labradors, is a fantastic micro-niche.

You will also find many affiliate programs here which can bring you a pretty nice profit.

What is important to say is that you don’t need to be an expert with dogs or any niche, you just need to give your audience proper and trustful information about what they are searching for.

3. Chrono Nutrition

Again, nutrition is a large field and we want to narrow it down a little. When it comes to nutrition everything is popular and people are crazy for information about nutrition. But Chrono nutrition is more targeted.

But let’s say that you focus on a targeted audience like Chrono nutrition for veterans. By narrowing this large niche to this micro-niche you will see more sales and profit from your site, that’s for sure.

4. Rock Climbing – Great Micro Niche

Honestly, I love this niche and I recently found a great website that is in this niche. You can check ClimbingBlogger.com and see for yourself.

This guy is rocking with his earnings primarily because he is doing affiliate marketing. You can find plenty of reviews on his site and he is getting money everyone buys something through his website.

His target audience is people who are rock climbing and that is the power of micro-niche. You have the right people on your site that are interested in buying what you recommend.

5. Fishing

Let’s be honest, when it comes to fishing you need to be patient and you must know what you are doing.

Most people don’t (like me) and those people are going online to find answers and tricks about fishing.

You can check DiyFlyFishing.com and see how powerful this site is when it comes to a targeted audience.

Again, you don’t need to be an expert in fishing or something similar. You just need to research your niche and the topic you would like to write about and that’s it. You just need to communicate with your audience in a simple way you would talk with your best friend.

We also want to narrow down our niche here so let’s say you can talk about fishing for beginners. Or do you just want to do reviews on fishing clothes? Possibilities are endless, just use your imagination

6. Fitness And Exercising

I should have put this niche in the first place but I don’t know why did I not lol.

We all know that the fitness industry is worth billions of dollars but did you know that you can make millions in this niche? Yes, even if you choose a micro-niche you could make literally millions of dollars.

Diary Of a Fit Mommy is a great example of a micro-niche site. This woman is making a bunch of money by doing guides and selling them to her target audience.

But what is actually awesome is its niche. She is not targeting the whole nutrition or exercise audience but she is writing for young mothers who want to look good and in shape.

There is plenty of topics where you can narrow down this niche. You can write for young males, let’s say fitness for teenagers or fitness for veterans. You can review fitness machines etc. Possibilities are endless.

7. Gluten-Free Website Niche

There are millions of people across the globe who have problems with gluten. Imagine what can you do if you have a gluten-free website targeting primarily women?

You could earn a good passive income from your website just by promoting products, e books, recipes, etc. that are related to gluten.

I just remembered that my mother has a problem with gluten. She could search the web for hours to find information about gluten-free diets and products.

By choosing low competition keywords in this micro-niche you can rank your website pretty fast and reap the rewards.

8. Giving Birth At Home

Yes, I know you can’t believe that I mention this but it is true. This micro-niche has the great potential to deliver a nice profit.

Did you know that there are women who want to give birth in their own homes? Yes, just search a little and you will see that I am telling the truth.

This is a great narrowed niche because you are targeting pregnant mothers who want to give birth at home.

Those mothers are searching the net for information and tricks that would help them to achieve their dream. There are also many products you can promote as an affiliate that can help those women

You still don’t believe me? Okay, check this website and see for yourself BadAssMotherBirther.

9. Helping Affiliate Marketers To Start Blogging

Yeah, this is one of my favorite micro niches.

Here you are targeting people who want to make money online through affiliate marketing. I am doing this and you can start doing the same. We have talked about competition, don’t be afraid of it.

If you are doing keyword research and you are targeting low-competition keywords YOU WILL RANK your website!

Do you know how many people out there are looking to start their own blog and start making money online?

I don’t want to talk about how much can you earn here because the potential is huuuge.

In the image below you can see my affiliate earnings from promoting just one service on my website!

The Wealthy Affiliate platform taught me how to build a profitable website online in absolutely any niche and make money through affiliate marketing.

If you want to build your website and be profitable just like me, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free but before joining I recommend that you read why is Wealthy Affiliate my number 1 recommendation for you. Click on the link below!

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10. Running – Believe It Or Not

You have read it right. Running is a very popular micro-niche and it is getting more and more popular every year.

Did you know that there are vegans who are looking for advice and tips on running? Yeah, this is a pretty powerful micro-niche that can bring in awesome profit. Again, I am talking about affiliate marketing.

You can talk about diets, tips, and recipes on this topic and you will have a super targeted audience that will follow you. You could be an authority in this given niche.

Some Final Words

I truly hope that this article helped you and that you will find some awesome micro niches for yourself. Keep in mind that you should narrow your niche as much as you can if you want to see fast and nice results.

Don’t overcomplicate things, don’t be afraid of competition, and JUST START DOING IT!

You can listen to me, read my or other articles but if you never take action you will never succeed.

One more thing I want to say is that you should not think that if everyone is doing this you can’t succeed in this.

If I was afraid of how many folks are doing affiliate marketing and blogging I would never start this website and I would never start earning a 6-figure from my site.

My recommendation for you is the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it is a platform that transformed my life for the better and learn me how to create a six-figure website. You can learn more about WA on the link below.

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    Spot on! Thank you for this highly important informative and detailed article. This helps build the core of money-making in the affiliate marketing platform easily or easier for anyone.

    Of course, along the side, you need to how to write blogs and reviews. You need to know keyword research and analysis of the keyword with respect to the search intent of the audience.

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  2. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for sharing this list of the best micro niche ideas for 2022.  I am in the dog niche, and when I first started my website I was going after broad keywords, and it certainly took me a long time to rank and gain some traffic.  I really wish I knew that I needed to narrow down my niche.  I have since narrowed my niche down, and it has helped me to rank quicker and gain more traffic.

    This article is great advice for anyone just starting out with affiliate marketing or anyone who wants to start a new website.  You really need to know who your audience is and target them.


  3. Hello Daniel

    What a great post this is! I just wish I had seen this earlier. While we are encouraged to have a narrow niche, “something we are passionate about” it would be good to have this in our training as well. 

    I chose your post for comment today and have found myself taking notes! I spent time on this bc you have a lot of good information to offer here. I am nearing 30 blogs – I am a newbie – but now I get what you are saying. It makes sense and I think that I have enough experience to put your lesson into practice.

    Thank you so much for this information. Keep writing posts like this. 

    I will follow you – that’s the plan! 

    Regards, Corinne

  4. Hey, thanks for this post!

    It’s really interesting but not only that, it is informational too, something I have been on the search for. I like how you have broken it down as well making it simpler to understand especially for people who are just starting out like me in the online business world!

    I think I might have picked a broader niche judging by this post therefore I am now planning to narrow it down to make targeting a lot easier!

    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Daniel,

    I wish I had read this article when I first started blogging as I would have saved a ton of time. Instead, I had eight broad niched websites, and it took so much longer to get them ranked and profitable. Even now they are up and down as there is just so much competition out there. Reading your article made me think that I should maybe sell one of my websites to free up some time to start a new more focused niche website.

    • Thanks, Michel!

      Yes, it is necessary to narrow down our niche as much as we can so that we could start profiting at a faster rate.

  6. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed micro niche website idea post. Actually, I am currently doing affiliate marketing. But really I also wanted to create a micro niche website. And I found good ideas because of your post. I hope to start a website about dogs. Because I have two dogs. So I think it will be easy for me. Keep posting like this.

  7. Choosing your niche for your website is very important if you want to be able to create quality content, but also to be able to monetize it. Competing with some of the big websites out there can be a challenge, so having a smaller or sub-niche, will be able to help you to target a more specific area of the market. 

    You have mentioned several micro niches that I had not come across before, with vegan living being one that I will certainly explore more. Having a micro-niche is indeed the way to go to target a more specific audience. 


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