How To Find Low Competition Keywords With High Traffic?

If you are a professional blogger or you plan to become one you must have heard about doing keyword research.

Blogging is an extremely powerful method to make real money online but if you can’t rank your blog post high in the SERPs you will not achieve anything.

Many folks who want to make money blogging repeatedly make the same mistake, they are not doing any keyword research and later ask why they can’t rank in the search engines like Google.

I am a full-time blogger for 7 years and at the start of my blogging career I made a big mistake, I was not doing keyword research, and even worse, I was doing it wrong. That is why my websites suffered in the terms of organic traffic.

In this guide, I want to show you how to find low-competition keywords with high traffic that will help you to rank high on Google and actually make money from your website because I know that is your primary goal, we all make websites to make passive income online and that’s great.

There are many online marketers and gurus that complicate things with keyword research but the truth is that you just need to follow and respect the basic things.

I want you to read the whole article because I don’t want you to miss something important when it comes to keyword research, if you follow all that I am gonna talk about I can guarantee you that you will rank high in the search engines you will eventually make a profit.

So, let’s start!

What Are Low-Competition Keywords?

I think that words are already telling you. Low-competition keywords are those keyword phrases that don’t have much competition so you can easily rank high for them in the search engines.

I don’t know why but people often tend to target those high competition keywords with their website thinking that they will rank for them and get a high amount of traffic.

Yes, you have a chance to rank for SOME of those high competition keywords but you will need to wait months and maybe years before you rank well.

Low-competition keywords are pretty easy to rank for in Google but you must find those gems and you need to use the right tools for that.

Many folks I work with say that they are getting keywords ”from their head” which means that they are not using any tools for keyword research which is wrong.

You must use keyword research tools to find those low-competition keywords that will help you rank and get organic traffic because organic traffic is priceless.

Why Do You Need To Look For Low-Competition Keywords?

There are actually many reasons why you should always choose and target low-competition keywords when it comes to blogging. I will mention some pretty important below so pay close attention:

1. You Will Get Visitors Faster

That’s right my fellow friend, when you choose low-competition keywords there is a big chance that you will rank faster in the search engines, and with that, you will get your organic visitors faster.

I know that high-competition keywords have a high search volume but you will need to wait for months for up to a year before you notice any traction in rankings.

With low-competition phrases, you can rank pretty fast, from my personal experience it would take between 2-3 months which is great.

This will also motivate you to keep working because you will see results faster instead of waiting 6-12 months to rank for a single keyword.

2. You Will Not Need Backlinks

I am sure you have heard about how backlinks are very important today when it comes to ranking a website high in search engines.

That’s true, backlinks are still an important ranking factor BUT if you target low-competition keywords you don’t need to work on building backlinks.

You just need to find super low-competition keywords and write amazing content and you will certainly rank in SERPs.

Many folks don’t want to start blogging today because they get scared of those who promote that blogging is dead because you need millions of backlinks to rank on Google. That’s not true! If you choose low-competition keywords and respect the basic SEO you can rank pretty well.

I even don’t recommend that you focus on building backlinks, you will naturally get backlinks when you publish high-quality content in your niche.

3. Higher CTR And First Page Of Google

We all want that first page of Google.

This is pretty logical because when you get on the first page of Google you will get a great CTR (Click Through Rate).

The point is that you WILL get on that first page IF you target low-competition keywords on your blogging journey.

When you get on the first page on Google you basically made it, that is the time when you will see the snowball effect where traffic will accumulatively grow and it only goes better.

Forget about ranking for high-competitive phrases, if you are not an authoritative website with a bunch of quality links you will never make it.

The great thing about low-competition keywords is that you can use them forever, over and over again, there will be always those low-comp keywords you could target, no matter in what niche you are.

4. You Will Make Money Faster

I remember when I was starting with blogging, I always tried to target keywords that are highly competitive, and that cost me of not seeing money.

When I started to target low-competition keywords I made my first online income in less than 3 months which is crazy. Important thing is that anyone can do it but people tend to complicate things.

Just target and choose those low-competition keywords and you will be fine.

Now let’s see where and how you can find those keyword phrases you can easily rank for.

Ways To Find Low-Competition Keywords You Can Easily Rank For

Just like I said above, people often tend to overcomplicate things when it comes to finding low-competition keywords.

If you are surfing the internet to find ways how to successfully find the low-comp phrase you will notice that those marketing gurus and ”SEO experts” are using unpopular methods of finding keywords and very often they just want you to buy their courses and things to discover how to find them. Just forget all that.

I will show you how I choose keywords for my website and what simple tool am I using to discover popular low-competition phrases.

Tip: Keep in mind that it is very important that you check every keyword you discover in the keyword research tool because only in that way you can see how much is popular that keyword and how many competitors it has.

1. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool – My #1 Recommendation For Bloggers

You have probably heard about the Jaaxy tool so far and if you have not let me introduce you to this great keyword research tool.

I am using Jaaxy for over 6 years now and this tool just keeps evolving. If you want to target low competition keywords for your website you must use the Jaaxy tool.

The great thing about the Jaaxy tool is that you can register completely free and get 30 searches. If you like Jaaxy and you see that it fits you, you will need to upgrade to a monthly subscription to get unlimited numbers of searching.

You will do great by upgrading to the PRO version, Enterprise is not needed. At least I am more than satisfied with PRO.

What Do You Get With Jaaxy PRO Version?

  • Unlimited number of searches
  • Keyword list manager
  • Easy to find your competition
  • Possibility to find affiliate programs in any niche
  • Tracking your rankings in search engines
  • The exact number of competing sites for a keyword you wanna target
  • and many more

Although the Jaaxy tool has many benefits we will primarily focus on keyword research and finding low-competition keywords in our niche.

Keep in mind that you can use some free keyword research tools but you will not get accurate results when researching keywords. One of those tools is Google Keyword Planner, it is free but honestly, I don’t like it.

You will see how Jaaxy is easy to use and you will find many great low-competition keywords in seconds.

Let’s now find some keywords using the Jaaxy tool, you will see how simple and easy it is.

As you can see in the image above I have done research on the keyword ”what is affiliate marketing”.

Jaaxy tool gives me some information about the keyword so let’s see what it means:

The main keyword I was searching for: ”what is affiliate marketing”

The first keyword on the list is the keyword I was looking to find information on, it’s ”what is affiliate marketing”.

You can see that the AVG for this keyword is 47535. That means that this keyword is receiving that number of searches per month on Google.

The Traffic column is showing the number 8081. That means if your website ranks on page 1 of Google you will receive that number of clicks to your website.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) is the most important factor here and it shows the number of our true competition. You can see the number 273. That means that there are 273 websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) tells us how quality is the keyword. You can find Great, Normal, and Poor keywords. Great ones are those which are low-competitive and Normal and Poor means that you should avoid those keywords because of high competition.

When you do keyword research in Jaaxy you should only look at AVG and QSR, those are the most important factors on which you decide for choosing a keyword.

AVG should be more than 30 and QSR should be less than 100. If you can find keywords with a QSR less than 100 its great because you will rank faster as there are less than 100 websites competing for that exact keyword.

Look again at the image above, you see the keyword ”What is affiliate marketing and does it work”, that keyword has good factors for ranking. It has an AVG of 125 and a QSR of 66 which is great. You can target that keyword without a problem.

The first keyword we wanted to target has a QSR of 273 which means that you should definitely avoid that keyword. It has pretty high competition and it would be insane to try to rank for that phrase.

Let’s see one more example:

The main keyword I was searching for: ”the best kitchen knives”

As you can see in the image above the main keyword I wanted to target is ”the best kitchen knives”.

Based on what I was talking about do you think that I should target this keyword or not? Hm, if you said no you are right. Look at the QSR of 148, we are looking for keywords that have QSR below 100, in that case, we can rank faster and easier.

Remember that keywords below QSR 100 are low-competition keywords!

Let’s have a look at the second keyword Jaaxy suggests to us, its ”best quality kitchen knives”. It has a QSR of 35 which is great. That means that there are 35 websites ranking in Google for that exact keyword phrase. We can easily beat that competition if we create high-quality content.

You can see that there are many keywords Jaaxy suggests to us, and you can easily target them too.

”best quality kitchen knives”, ”good quality kitchen knives”, ”best affordable kitchen knives”, ”worlds best kitchen knives”, ”top quality kitchen knives”, etc. Those are all great low-competition keywords you can target and rank for.

In Jaaxy, you can easily find a bunch of quality low-competition keywords in absolutely ANY niche, in the images above I gave you an example in affiliate marketing niche and kitchen knives niche.

Now let’s see other popular methods you can use to find a bunch of low-competition keywords in any niche.

2. Start Using Google Suggestions To Find Low-Competition Keywords

Definitely, my favorite way to find ideas for keywords I wanna target in my niche. Did you know that you can use Google Suggestions to find a bunch of keywords for your website?

Just start typing in the Google search bar you Google will offer you suggestions based on what are people searching for. Let’s see how it looks:

As you can see in the image above I started searching for ”how blogging” and Google gave me suggestions based on what people search related to blogging.

All these keyword phrases you see are ACTUALLY SEARCHED for, real people are searching those phrases and you can target them depending on your niche.

Keep in mind that is it important to check every keyword inside the tool, you should not choose the keyword without checking its competition inside the keyword tool.

Just try it for yourself. Depending on your niche start typing inside the Google search bar and Google will give you suggestions, those keywords are usually low-competitive but still, check them inside tools like Jaaxy.

3. Use The ”People Also Ask” Feature To Find Keywords

This is one more way to find amazing keywords people are searching for.

When you search on Google about some keyword first thing you will see are websites that answered that search query but if you keep scrolling below you will see a section ”People Also Ask” which tells you that people are also searching for those keywords as well.

Let’s see how it looks in the image below:

As you can see I have typed in the Google search bar ”how blogging makes money” and Google gives me ideas based on what are people searching for.

Those questions you see in the image are the questions asked by real people and they are often low-competitive keywords you can easily rank for.

Again, it is very important that you check keywords inside a tool before starting writing content, you firstly must check its search volume (AVG) and competition (QSR) inside keyword research tools. You should definitely avoid those keywords that have a high volume of competition.

Try To Target Long-Tail Low-Competition Keywords

Long-tail keywords are those keywords that have 3+ words.

You must avoid short keywords like ”affiliate marketing”, ”make money”, ”kitchen knives”, etc. You will probably never rank for those keywords because authority websites already won those keyword phrases.

An example of long-tail keywords would be:

  • how to start affiliate marketing for beginner’s
  • top 10 kitchen knives in 2022
  • what are the best ways to make money online
  • etc…

Just like I have said you will probably never rank for short keywords but with long-tail keywords, you have a big chance of getting on the first page of Google.

Look at my target keyword for this blog post are reading now, ”how to find low-competition keywords with high traffic”, you can actually see that it is a long-tail keyword and if you check it inside the Jaaxy tool you can see that competition is pretty low.

Some Final Words

I am sure that this article helped you how to find low-competition keywords with high traffic pretty easily and simply. If you respect the rules I talked about above you will certainly see your rankings go high in SERPs and with that, your profit too.

Important thing is that you should not complicate things, you saw how easy it is to find low-competition keywords with the right tools. Never try to target keywords without doing keyword research in some tools like Jaaxy.

If you don’t want to pay for Jaaxy you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool or SEMrush keyword tool but you must use some tool.

You will see great results with your website in terms of ranking and traffic but only if you target quality keywords, remember that keywords are the root of your rankings and your profit from blogging.

Try to find at least 30 low-competition keywords inside Jaaxy (Free version) and that would be a great start!

If you want to learn how to increase your organic traffic to your website just click on the link below and read my full guide on that topic!

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