What Is Affiliate Lab By Matt Diggity? – Should You Trust Him?

Affiliate Lab course is becoming more and more popular as more people want to make money online by doing affiliate marketing.

What most people are questioning themselves is what is Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity, whether should they trust Affiliate Lab, and is Affiliate Lab a scam or it is legit.

Today, in this review you will find those and many other questions related to the Affiliate Lab and Matt Diggity.

My name is Daniel and I am a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer who is doing affiliate marketing for living and I am very happy doing it.

My primary goal in doing reviews is to help my fellow readers to decide on which MMO (Make Money Online) courses/programs should they choose and I am trying my best to help YOU avoid many scams that are roaming the internet.

I must be honest and say that I have been following Matt Diggity for a while on his YouTube channel and I can 100% guarantee you that this guy is amazing, I am sure you will like his course as it is 100% legit.

I will do an in-depth review but in a nutshell, Affiliate Lab is the course that will teach you how to build, rank, monetize and then sell affiliate sites for a very high profit.

One of the most important things people ask me is whether Affiliate Lab is a good option for beginners and whether should they invest money in this.

I will share with you my personal experience so it would be up to you to decide whether will you join the Affiliate Lab or not.

Let’s begin!

Affiliate Lab Short Overview

  • Price: it is $997 one time and you have the option to pay $597 two times
  • Type of product: it is the affiliate marketing course and also teaches flipping sites
  • The Owner: Matt Diggity
  • Is it a scam: No
  • Does it have complaints: Yes
  • Does it have a money-back guarantee: Nope
  • Do I recommend it: I can say yes

I am a big fan of affiliate marketing courses (not every!) and this is what it is all about with Affiliate Lab. It is a training course that will teach you how to build and rank an affiliate site and sell it for even x40 of its monthly income.

Keep in mind that affiliate marketing and flipping sites are completely legit online businesses and you can be sure that it is not some sort of scam or fraud. You can make a full-time income online by doing it. It has worked 10 years ago and it WILL work 10 years from now.

When it comes to the owner, Matt Diggity is a pretty popular guy and I can say that he is making millions by doing and teaching affiliate marketing.

But is it all so pumped just so that you buy his course or you can really find quality information and training and actually make money?

Let’s find out in this in-depth review! Keep reading!

What Is Affiliate Lab?

If you have searched for affiliate marketing courses Affiliate Lab may be for you.

This course created by SEO expert Matt Diggity will teach you how to build and rank affiliate sites and sell them for a high profit, step-by-step.

Let me give you an example: we have a weight loss niche, you will learn how to create a website in this niche, do the SEO and rank this site high in SERPs, after that you will sell that site for even x40 of its potential profit.

Matt comes with the idea to create an Affiliate Lab course because he has a pretty big success with affiliate marketing and he knows the potential of that online business model.

You will learn many important things in this course and some of those things are:

  • how to choose a profitable niche for a website
  • how to create a website from scratch
  • how to drive free traffic to a website
  • how to find affiliate programs
  • how to sell a website for a high profit
  • and many other things

Although this sound pretty much interesting and exciting it is not just as easy as Matt claim.

You will learn a lot of things but you will not start making such a high profit from the start. You will need to be an expert to sell websites for x40 of the site’s monthly income.

SEO takes time, driving traffic to a website takes time, finding a customer to sell a website takes time, ranking a website takes time, etc. You should not expect to start earning pretty soon doing this.

Who Is Matt Diggity And Is He Trusted?

The creator and the owner of Affiliate Lab is Matt Diggity, a guy who has become an SEO specialist and a master of building backlinks.

Before starting in the affiliate marketing and SEO field, Matt was an electric engineer and he has worked full-time on a regular job.

You can be sure that Matt Diggity is a real person and he is 100% trusted, you can actually follow him on his YouTube channel.

As he claims, he decided to create an Affiliate Lab course to help people make a full time by doing affiliate marketing and flip sites for money. He is also a founder of Authority Builders where he and his team are offering services for building high-quality backlinks for websites.

My personal opinion about Matt is great, he answers people’s questions on his YT channel nearly every day. It is awesome when you know that the person behind a course is real and legitimate.

Although Affiliate Lab is a little expensive I simply love this guy, I am his follower on YouTube and you can learn amazing things related to affiliate marketing and SEO on his YT channel.

How Does Affiliate Lab Work?

Affiliate Lab is a simple course that will teach you how to do affiliate marketing and flip websites for money. I am a big fan of this online business model because you can make literally millions doing affiliate marketing.

So, you will not only learn how to do affiliate marketing but you will also learn how to sell those websites for a high profit.

Today became pretty hard to rank websites on the first page of Google and other search engines but Matt is explaining it pretty simple, even as a beginner you could understand how things work.

In simple words, affiliate marketing is a method of promoting products or services through an affiliate link, and when someone clicks and buys something through your website and your affiliate link you will earn a commission.

That is the primary goal of the Affiliate Lab Course but you will also learn how to flip websites for money.

What Do You Get Inside Affiliate Lab?

Inside Affiliate Lab you will get pretty interesting things related to SEO and affiliate marketing. Matt has divided this into a few modules so you could easily understand how things work.

  • Module 1 – Introduction

In this module, you will learn the basics and you will also meet Matt Diggity, the creator of this course. Here Matt talks about SEO basics and affiliate marketing where he explains to you how you will actually make money with the help of Affiliate Lab.

  • Module 2 – Choosing a Niche

Niche is a very important thing when it comes to affiliate marketing. Not every niche is profitable and that is exactly what will you learn in this module.

If you choose the wrong niche you will not make money. I can freely say that 90% of success depends on niche selection. Matt will discover here his own methods of finding a profitable niche so you can be sure that nothing will go wrong.

  • Module 3 – Doing On-Page SEO

Another thing that is crucial in a success of a website is doing SEO optimization, especially On-Page SEO.

It is not enough to just create a website and that’s it, you will get traffic by doing on-page SEO on your website. Matt Diggity is truly an expert in those fields and he will teach you how to properly optimize websites and posts to get high rankings in SERPs.

You will learn everything in this module when it comes to SEO optimization.

I must mention some things that Matt will teach you inside Affiliate Lab:

  • how to choose a hosting and domain name for a website
  • how to do a keyword research
  • building a WordPress website from scratch
  • writing a high-quality content
  • driving free traffic to a website through SEO
  • the basics of affiliate marketing and flipping sites
  • how to add images to a website and more
  • Module 4 – Doing Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is also an important factor when it comes to ranking websites high in SERPs. Many people often don’t understand what is Off-page SEO and because of that, they are not doing it.

Off-page SEO is related to everything ”off” your website so in Affiliate Lab you will learn how to create social media profiles and connect them to a website to ”boost” ranking in search engines.

When search engines like Google see that your website is ”active” on social platforms like FB, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and others, it will give a boost to a website in terms of rankings.

  • Module 5 – Kitchen Sink

I must say that I like how Matt is creative, Kitchen Sink is a pretty interesting name for training. In this module, you will learn things related to cleaning a website.

You will learn how to optimize it for search engines in terms of speed and clean unnecessary things that could affect the load of a website. Website speed is one of the most important ranking factors!

  • Module 6 – Creating Authority Websites

In this module, you will learn things about creating an authority site. Modules 1,2,3,4 and 5 are talking about building a niche website but module 6 will teach you how to become an authority in a chosen niche.

You will learn how to become an authority by working in a single niche, you can’t be an authority in every niche, that is why you are learning to create a niche website that talks about a specific niche.

How Much Does Affiliate Lab Cost?

When it comes to the price of Affiliate Lab I have found it a little expensive.

Believe it or not but Affiliate Lab course will cost you $997 on time or you can choose to pay it two times for the price of $597. You can obviously see that it is more expensive if you decide to pay for it two times.

If you ask me, it is a little overpriced, you can definitely find alternatives like the Wealthy Affiliate platform when it comes to affiliate marketing and making six-figure websites.

What is great with the Matt Diggity course is that there are no upsells which is a big plus I must say.

But are there any extra costs?

Hm, I must say yes! You will not only need to spend money on the Affiliate Lab course but you will also need to buy some extra things without you can’t work:

  • You will need to buy a hosting – without this, you can’t work because your site can’t be live online without hosting so you will need to spend some extra money on this
  • You will need to buy a domain name
  • You will need to buy a keyword research tool

Do you get a refund or money-back guarantee?

Nope, you will not get a refund or money-back guarantee.

I found this a bit disappointing because I would expect to see at least a 7-day money-back guarantee. You will need to pay up to $1k for this course and not having a money-back guarantee is bad from my personal experience.

Is Affiliate Lab a Scam?

Based on my personal research I can 100% say that Affiliate Lab is not a scam. It is a legit course that will teach people like you and me to start making money doing affiliate marketing.

There are literally no red flags when it comes to this course although people say that it is pretty expensive.

The most important thing is that Matt Diggity is a real person and not some scammer that only wants your hard-earned money, with his course you will get quality but you will need to cash out a minimum of $1k.

Matt owns several pretty popular companies and one of those is Authority Builders which has thousands of clients across the globe.

People often say that Affiliate Lab is a scam but most of those guys don’t want to put effort into this, they want instant results and money.

You must know that with this course you will not see instant results, you will need to work hard to start making an income.

I can freely say that when it comes to SEO and affiliate marketing, Affiliate Lab is a good option to choose BUT if you have a budget to invest money.

Alternative for you: If Affiliate Lab is an expensive course for you I would recommend the Wealthy Affiliate platform which I personally use when it comes to making money through affiliate marketing. Click on the link below to discover more about my recommendation for you.

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The Pros Of Affiliate Lab

I must say that the Affiliate Lab course is one of the most popular today when it comes to affiliate marketing but still, it has some cons that I would like to talk about. But before that let me tell you what advantages give you this course:

  • Simple and Easy To Understand Training

Believe it or not but Matt’s course has about 160 lessons that you will need to cover to understand and learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.

The training is step by step so you will not find any problem doing the steps described inside the course.

  • It’s About Affiliate Marketing – An Evergreen Method

When you learn how to make money with affiliate marketing you will earn until the Internet shuts, literally. It is one of the best evergreen methods of making money online and it will never stop working.

I am a full-time affiliate marketer and I can guarantee you that Matt’s course is teaching the right thing.

  • Matt Diggity Is a Real Person and Expert in SEO

This is what I like the most. You can find many scammers online but with Matt, it’s not the case. He is a real person and you can easily find him on his YouTube channel. I even think he has over 50k Subscribers if I remember well.

He is truly an expert in SEO and he even shares his success on YouTube by helping companies and individuals to rank high in search engines and build high-quality backlinks.

I have shared with you the advantages of Affiliate Lab and why you could choose this course but let me now talk about the cons of this affiliate marketing course.

The Cons of Affiliate Lab

Although I like the Affiliate Lab course I must say that there are a few things here that simply make me give up on pursuing it and you should think seriously before stepping into Affiliate Lab.

  • It’s Too Expensive

That’s right my fellow reader, you will need to cash out even $997 one time to get access to this course. For me, it is a lot of money because let’s be honest, you can find a bunch of those staff for free on the Internet.

There are courses of even better quality but with ways cheaper price, like Wealthy Affiliate, you can get their Premium membership for only $495 instead of giving $997 on Affiliate Lab.

Sure, Matt can put whatever price he wants but my opinion is that it is very expensive.

  • You Don’t get a Free trial Or Money Back Guarantee

I really don’t like this. If you buy this course that’s it, there is no way back. If you find it not helpful or you are not satisfied with it you just throw away $1k which is not good at all.

If Matt would give at least 5 or 7 days it would be great but in this case, I don’t like that I need to spend $1k and there is no guarantee that I will be at least satisfied with it.

  • You Will Need To Spend Extra Money Alongside Paying Course

That’s right, you will need to pay $997 for Affiliate Lab but don’t forget hosting, domain and tools that you must have if you plan to use the Matts course.

So it will cost you well over $1k which is very expensive compared to some others courses out there, I mentioned already Wealthy affiliate because that is my recommendation for you.

  • It Will Take a Lot Of Time To Start Making Money

Matt is teaching you inside Affiliate Lab primarily how to get organic traffic with SEO, you will not learn about paid ads and I like that.

The point is that SEO takes time and you will probably see the results (if you are doing everything fine) in the period of 6-12 months, depending on the niche you choose.

It is a lot of time compared to that you will need to invest over $1k in this course. And there is no guarantee that you will even rank or earn money because SEO is tricky and no one can guarantee you that you will see any results.

Should You Join Affiliate Lab?

Affiliate Lab is a legit course that will teach you how to make money doing affiliate marketing and flipping sites for a high profit.

I can say that it is for beginners who want to invest time and money into affiliate marketing but you must know that it will take a lot of time and effort.

You need to be a hard worker if you plan to make money with the help of Affiliate Lab.

SEO can take up to 12 months so you must enter this ready to wait at least 6 months before you see any ROI (Return On Investment).

You can make a profitable online business with the information in this course but I recommend it to people who have that extra budget to spend money on this kind of course.

If you are a ”basic” person who just wants to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and SEO, without spending $1k+ on these things then you should avoid this.

Is There Any Quality Alternative? How I Make Money Online?

You probably already know that affiliate marketing is the primary way how I make money online. I am a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer for nearly 7 years and I also teach people how to start their own online businesses by doing affiliate marketing.

The course that helped me and thousands of people to start earning a six-figure from the website is a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. That is the course that I am promoting on my website as the #1 affiliate marketing training platform.

The best thing with Wealthy Affiliate is that it will not cost you $1k, you will pay just $19 for your first month as a Premium Member.

You can also find me inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform and asked me whenever you want 24/7.

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