What Is The Best Way To Monetize a Blog In 2024?

Monetizing a blog today has never been easier. There is a bunch of things you can do to monetize your blog and make a full-time income easily.

I am a full-time blogger and I can’t describe how my blog actually changed my life for the better but that is primarily because I knew how to monetize it.

In this article, you are gonna find what is the best way to monetize a blog that will actually help you to achieve your dream of making a living from working online.

Many people have blogs and they have nice and steady traffic but they are not successful because their monetization method is waste of time.

I will not present you with one monetization method but I am gonna talk about several, the best ones you must use if you plan to make serious money from your blog.

You probably know that there are thousands of new bloggers starting out their blogging journey. Do you actually know how many bloggers are actually profitable?

According to the research that ConvertKit has done in 2017 professional bloggers are earning up to $140K per year while amateur bloggers are making up to $10K per year.

Sure, this is only an estimate as there are hundreds of other bloggers who did not participate in the survey. What I want to say is that this is really sad.

Many bloggers, like you and me, are starting blogging because we want to be free and enjoy life. You and I know what blogging can give us and still, you are not making as much as you want.

Just take a look at the image below and see another survey that ConvertKit has done and it is about why people are starting their blogging journey.

Image Source: ConvertKit

As you can see most people want to be self-employed and that is one of the main reasons why you are starting blogging. That is the same reason why I started my blog and thanks God today I am a full time and I really enjoy my blog’s earnings.

The point is that everyone can make decent money with blogging but the main problem is MONETIZATION. You have traffic on your blog, and people are reading your content and everything, but you are not monetizing a blog as it should, and with that, you are losing money.

So, before I share with you one of the best monetization strategies you should use on your blog let’s see when you should start to monetize your blog.

When To Start Monetizing a Blog?

Many would say that there is no concrete number on how much traffic should you have to start monetizing a blog. I would say that if you are a blogger who is just starting you definitely should NOT focus on monetization yet.

I saw folks who were just starting with their blog and they immediately started putting affiliate links and Google ads on their site which resulted in a Google penalty or traffic decrease.

In the first place, you must give your readers value before you start to monetize your site.

So, you should start monetizing your blog when:

  • You have at least 1.000 visitors per month
  • You have a bunch of quality articles on your blog ( from 30-50)

Sure, you can start monetizing till the start but I advise you that you avoid that because if you do not have regular traffic you will not make any money. Your first focus should be on getting high-quality organic traffic!

But let’s say that you already have a website that is getting regular daily traffic and you only want to increase your earnings or even better, go full-time with blogging.

In that case, just read the best monetization strategies below, implement them and start making high income from your site.

1. Become An Affiliate Marketer (Definitely The Best Monetization Strategy)

If you were looking for a way to monetize your blog may be the best option would be affiliate marketing. It is a monetization method that nearly every blogger today uses and makes money from that.

The point with affiliate marketing is that you are promoting someone’s products or services and when someone makes a purchase through your site you are going to get a commission, IE percentage of the sale.

If you have a niche website the better. Depending on what niche you are in you can apply to affiliate programs and start promoting products on your blog via affiliate links.

Just look at the image below to actually see how affiliate marketing works.

It is pretty easy to start doing affiliate marketing and especially if you already have a niche website. There is no limit on how much you can earn, the sky is the limit.

The most important thing when it comes to affiliate marketing is to promote products/services that are RELEVANT to your audience.

So, if you have a website where you talk about dogs it is logical that you are gonna promote something related to dogs, food, toys, health care products for dogs, etc.

The big mistake that beginners make is that they usually promote irrelevant things to their audience and that is resulting in no sales.

Remember, to start monetizing a website with affiliate marketing you will need:

  • to have a niche website
  • to have a good product/s to promote
  • and traffic that comes to your site every day

The first two things are pretty easy but the problem is traffic. If you already have traffic on your website that is great, congratulations! But if you are not getting visitors yet you MUST work on getting them by writing high-quality content on your website.

Content is KING when it comes to affiliate marketing and you should consistently create niche content for your blog.

If you want to learn how to start affiliate marketing I recommend that you click on the link below and read my article on how to start this incredible online method that can change your life, as it changed mine!

Start Your Affiliate Journey Today And Make $$$! Click Here!

2. Start Doing Reviews And Sponsored Posts On Your Blog

Doing reviews is basically the same thing as affiliate marketing. The point is that you should start doing product reviews on your blog depending on which niche you are in.

Let me give you an example based on my case. I am in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche so I am reviewing the product in that niche, those products are about making money online and I am making sure that people choose the best for them.

You can actually see what kind of reviews I am doing if you click on this link.

Doing reviews will certainly make you a lot of money because reviews are ranked easier in the search engines and there is not much competition when it comes to reviews.

Let’s say that you are in the dog niche, you can easily start reviewing products about dog food, or toys. Before starting doing reviews you will need to find affiliate programs that are offering those types of products.

If anyone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product you will get a commission.

On the other hand, sponsored posts are also a very popular way to make extra money from your blog. When you have a large following on your blog many brands will contact you to do a sponsored post on your site.

They will actually pay you to do a promotion post where you promote their products or service. Keep in mind that sponsors will not contact you immediately after you create a website.

When you gather enough quality content on your site and people keep reading your content you can expect to have a bunch of sponsors in your niche.

3. Become An Freelance Writer In Your Niche

This is one more way that I am making money online with my blog. You know, we bloggers are in the business of content and we are hungry for new content.

Do you know how many folks are actually doing writing jobs for other bloggers or big companies? A lot!

Besides that, I write for my blog I am also writing for a couple of people who need content in the same niche I am. This can be a great opportunity for you to make extra cash.

Whatever niche you are in you can simply make a section on your menu about offering writing services to people who need professional content on a particular topic.

Freelancing is a great online job and the average freelance writer is making around $40K per year, according to the survey Glassdoor did.

The great thing about freelancing is that your own blog can be your best ”job finder” as it is a big plus when you have a blog, people will definitely choose the folks who already have a presence online instead of those who don’t.

4. Create And Sell Online Course

Creating and selling your own online course can be a great way to make even more money through your blog. Most people don’t want to bother creating online courses because they think they need to be experts in some niches.

You don’t need to be an expert but you need to know what you are talking about. In the near future, I plan to make an online course where I will be teaching people how to create a niche website and do SEO optimization.

No matter what niche you are in you can create an online course and sell it through your blog. Cooking is very popular today and there are hundreds of people who are selling those courses online and they are not experts or certified. You simply need to offer value and that’s it.

If you want to create a course you can go to Udemy and start making your own online course and when it comes to promotion you can easily start promoting it on your website.

Imagine just using all of these methods I mentioned so far on your together? You can literally make a living from it but what do you need the most? TRAFFIC, traffic is the root of all your success when it comes to blogging.

When you have the right traffic coming to your blog you basically made it!

I recommend that you read my in-depth article on how to get organic traffic from search engines which is the most valuable traffic source you can get.

How To Get Organic Traffic On Your Blog – Proven Methods You Should Start Using Today!

5. Start Using Paid Advertisement On Your Blog

I hear most people are not satisfied with making money by putting ads on their blogs. It is true that if you do not have a large audience you can’t actually make some decent money but it can serve as an extra way to bring in some income.

If you use affiliate marketing and add some Google ads you can definitely improve your wallet.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of Google ads so you can’t see them on my blog but for a while, I was using native advertisement on my blog and it worked pretty well. I have made a couple of $$$ without doing anything, it is a passive income but again, you need to have a great audience.

Maybe the better option would be to start using native ads on your site as they will attract more visitors and they are paying much more than Google Adsense.

It is very important that you do not spam your site with those ads, just put some on the sidebar and some in the text and that’s it, based on how they convert you can change the positions but be careful to not add more than 3-5 ads on your site. Google is not a big fan of too many ads that can ruin the user experience.

So, What Is the Best Way To Monetize Your Blog?

If you ask me I would definitely say, affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the king of website monetization and I simply love it.

Sure, there are other ways some of which I have mentioned above but with affiliate marketing, you can definitely make the most money. I focused my monetization purely on affiliate marketing and all my blog income is coming through that method.

There is no rule on how many products or services you can promote on your site, if there are 100 products, it’s okay, if there are 200 products, it’s great.

The only thing you should pay attention to is that you should not exaggerate by adding affiliate links on your blog, your first focus should be QUALITY content if you do not want to be penalized by Google.

If you already have great content but you ask yourself if you should start doing affiliate marketing, I can say YES, just start doing affiliate marketing on your site and you will thank me later.

I am promoting several MMO products on my blog and that is bringing me a full-time income.

Just take a look at the picture below, those are my earnings from ONLY ONE affiliate product that I am promoting on my blog, and I am promoting a bunch of them. You can start earning the same as me if you start implementing affiliate marketing on your website!

You don’t need to be an expert in affiliate marketing, you only need to have a will to learn it. Because of that, I am recommending that you read my article on how to become a profitable affiliate marketer and simply make a full time by doing it.

Affiliate Marketing Is The King! – Learn How To Become Successful Affiliate Marketer Today!

I encourage you to leave a comment below if you have any questions or you want to share your experience. What is your favorite monetization method?

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