What Is The Most Common Mistake For First Time Bloggers?

If you are ready to become a blogger to be able to make great online income or for whatever reason you want to become a blogger, you have come to the right place because I am gonna show you what is the most common mistake for first-time bloggers and how you can avoid it.

It is the truth, you can make a fortune by blogging but if you are just starting you must be sure to avoid one of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make.

My name is Daniel and I am a full-time blogger who is making a living with this blog you are currently reading. Yeah, this blog delivers me a full-time income online and I must be honest, I was making big mistakes in the beginning.

Those mistakes cost me time because I would make success much earlier but as I like to say, never is late!

If you decided to become a blogger and you are new in this online world of blogging, let me show you how can you succeed without losing time on making unnecessary beginner mistakes.

5 Most Common Mistakes For First-Time Bloggers

1. Not Having a Target Audience

This is probably the biggest mistake most new bloggers make and this is not defining their target audience. You can definitely write about everything you want on your blog but you must know who you write for.

Because of this, you will most likely end up without making any money and not even getting traffic to your blog, you can get traffic but it will NOT convert into sales, which is very important.

Let’s say that you are writing about dieting and losing weight, in that case, your target audience would be people who are looking to lose pounds and eat healthily. Having that in mind you will find proper keywords that will target those people who are looking for your content.

In this way, you are going to drastically increase your organic traffic which is a must if you want to make a fortune by blogging.

Here on my blog, I am writing about blogging and affiliate marketing so my target audience is people who are looking to start doing blogging or affiliate marketing, or maybe both. You found this article on Google so you are my target audience, you are my reader.

It is very important that you define your target audience BEFORE you start blogging because in that way you are going to avoid the mistake of writing content for everyone, and you should not write for everyone but only for your target audience.

I can freely say that because of this most common mistake new bloggers end up quitting blogging and not making any money from their blogs.

So, make sure you define WHO is your audience and write for THEM!

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2. Blogging Without Consistency

In this case, the calendar will be your best friend. If you think that you can write a few pieces of content and live the blog just like that, you are wrong.

You will need to create new, fresh content on a regular base because if you stop producing new content you will never get organic traffic and if you already have traffic, you will lose it without publishing new content.

Most new bloggers don’t pay attention to this but that is why they are not seeing results with their blogs, I know some people who publish 1-2 blog posts and leave the site in hope that it will magically get traffic. It will never happen.

I remember when I was starting I was not paying too much attention to publishing frequency and because of that my traffic was suffering. When I started creating 3-5 quality blog posts per week, I saw a 70% increase in organic traffic.

That is why I recommend that you create unique content consistently and you will see amazing results as a blogger.

3. Doing Too Much SEO

You have probably heard how SEO is important when it comes to blogging and let me say that it is. It is crucial that you do SEO on your blog because through SEO you will get amazing traffic that will convert to customers.

But we have a problem here and here is where most new bloggers make mistakes and that is overdoing SEO.

It is okay and it is recommended that you implement SEO techniques but if you only think about SEO instead of focusing more on user experience, you are going to fail. Do not make the mistake of overdoing SEO and only think about that.

I know, you want fast traffic and you want fast results but if user experience suffers you will not get any traffic to your blog.

You must be natural with your blog and your writing, it should not sound like a robot writing your blog posts but human. Google constantly updated its search algorithm and they are focusing more than ever on user experience and the ”human” factor.

So, do not pay for backlinks, do not use AI content, and never use some black hat techniques that will make Google penalize your blog.

New bloggers often hear how building backlinks is very important so they start doing it immediately. DO NOT do that, you will only hurt your blog and your results from blogging.

Try to be natural and when writing a blog post write it like you are writing it to your best friend, be helpful to your readers, and do SEO but do not be obsessed with it.

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4. Short-Form Content

This is also one of the big mistakes that new bloggers make and that is publishing short-form content on their blogs. When I say short-form content I primarily mean content that is less than 1000 words.

That’s right, to be able to rank high in search engines and attract your target audience you will need to start producing content of at least 2000+ words.

Listen to me, it is always much better to publish a 2-3 times per week blog post that is 2.000+ words than to post an everyday post that is 1000 words or even less.

I have seen many new bloggers write blog posts of 500 words or so and that is nothing. With those short-form articles, you are not going to achieve anything.

Long-form articles tend to rank better in search engines and people usually like to read long-form texts that are full of value and the information they are looking for.

This is why you should combine quality and quantity, one is not going without another so you must find some golden middle.

My email inbox is often times full of questions from my readers on how they are not receiving any traffic on their sites and when I ask them for their site to check it, I see blog posts that are even 300 words or so.

To be able to get traffic to your blog and make money, you need to start producing long-form content and give value and information to your potential readers.

5. Not Sticking To Your Niche

It is very important that you stick to your chosen niche. Most new bloggers tend to spread their niche and write about everything on their blogs. If you have chosen your niche to be Chrono nutrition, stick to it! Don’t write about another type of nutrition.

If you have a closer look here on my website you will see that I am only talking about blogging and affiliate marketing, I am also reviewing make-money-online products which are in the range of my niche.

You should not try to become an expert in every niche or in more topics. You want to become an expert in one niche and that is why it is important that you stick to your micro niche.

If I am talking about blogging and affiliate marketing here on my blog I don’t want to talk about dropshipping because I am not an expert in that and I don’t want to be an expert in dropshipping. I want to get people on my blog who are interested in becoming bloggers and affiliate marketers.

That is the case with every other niche out there. If you try to deviate from your chosen niche your blog will suffer and you will most likely not get the visitors your blog deserves. Stick to your niche and write only about that!

Once your blog becomes authority you can spread a little your niche so you don’t stay without content ideas, but if you are a new blogger who is just beginning, stick to the micro niche!

Some Final Words

I honestly hope that this article helped you to discover what are the most common mistakes that new bloggers are making and that you will be the one who will avoid them at all costs.

If you would make those mistakes you will greatly lower your chances of making success with blogging and you will most likely not earn enough money to be free.

You can definitely make a fortune by blogging but it takes time, hard work, and dedication, blogging is not an overnight process where you will be making thousands of dollars just like that.

If you dedicate yourself to learning how it works and implementing blogging strategies, you will become a very successful and profitable blogger.

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