How To Promote Amazon Products As An Affiliate? – 5 Easy Ways!

Are you interested in the Amazon affiliate program? Do you want to know and learn how to promote Amazon products as an affiliate?

You have come to the right place.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online methods to make passive income online and you can become a millionaire by just doing affiliate marketing.

I have written a ton of articles about affiliate marketing here on my blog and I recommend that you find them and read them, you will thank me. One of those articles is about how profitable is affiliate marketing in 2022 and why you should start affiliate marketing today.

Amazon is the first place that comes into mind to new affiliate marketers, when I was starting out a couple of years ago I also wanted to promote amazon products. I can freely say that it is one great site where you can find thousands of products to promote in any niche you want.

In the past, I have worked with the Amazon affiliate program but honestly, I have found a way better affiliates program that I work with now.

Still, Amazon is one of the most popular programs and you can definitely make serious money with them if you know how to promote its products.

In this article, I will try to explain to you the best methods you should use if you plan to make money by promoting Amazon products.

What Is Actually Amazon Associate Program?

I can freely say that Amazon Associate is one of the oldest affiliate programs today and it is primarily created to help affiliate marketers make more money by promoting Amazon products.

It has been founded way in 1996 and it is still very popular today. There are thousands of people who are making a decent income with the Amazon Associate program.

It is very important to know that you can’t promote Amazon products without registering on their program. That is the common question people ask me.

You can register as an Amazon Associate completely free but you must be approved by them and there is a chance that you might be rejected but never mind, you can always try again.

The point is that when you register and get approved you can use affiliate links on any product and promote it to your audience, anyone who clicks on that link and buy the product, you will get a commission, from 1% to 10% to be precise.

It’s that simple and easy but the problem is the promotion of products. You need to convert those people to actually buy from you IE from your recommendation.

Let’s get to the point and see how can you promote Amazon products and make a nice passive income online.

How To Successfully Promote Amazon Products as an Affiliate?

There is no secret that you can make a decent income online by promoting Amazon products as an affiliate but the point is that you must know how to do that right.

When you successfully register on Amazon and get approved it is very important to choose the niche and the products you are gonna promote.

What I have seen with folks who are just starting is that they just pick up the product, get affiliate links and start pasting that link wherever they can. In that way, you will not make any money my fellow reader.

You must have a great strategy to start earning as an Amazon Associate.

So, before talking about how to promote Amazon products let’s talk about what should you do BEFORE starting promoting as an Amazon affiliate.

Choose The Niche – Very Important

Just like if you are starting with blogging, you must choose the niche that suits you best. You want to promote to the right audience that will convert and actually buy from your recommendation.

It is very important to have a target audience you will promote otherwise you will not sell anything.

One of the best converting niches you can choose from are:

  • Online Marketing
  • Health and wellness
  • Fitness
  • Investing
  • Pets

Those are the niches that are very popular and are converting like crazy. I know that you have probably read about how you should choose what you are passionate about but the truth is that you must choose a profitable niche.

Do not be afraid of competition but choose what will bring you profit!

Choose The Right Product

Let me be clear here, if you choose whatever product comes to your mind you will not make any profit. Why? because you need to offer your target audience a quality product that will give them value and not some garbage thing.

Believe me, sometimes is better to promote a product that will give you a 10% commission than a product that will give you 75% of the commission.

So, if you have chosen the niche you must do research on a product in that niche you wanna promote. Go on Google and start reading reviews about the product you are going to promote. If it has a bunch of positive reviews go for it.

If you have chosen the niche and the product you wanna promote let’s now see how to promote Amazon products most effectively and make money as soon as possible.

1. Start a Blog and Promote Amazon Products

Believe it or not but blogging is still the king of making money online and especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. It is a money-making machine.

There is definitely no better way to start promoting Amazon products than doing it on your own blog. Did I tell you that you will have a better chance to be approved by Amazon if you have your own website?

Yeah, that’s true man, Amazon loves people who have their own websites, you will be approved the same day.

The point is that creating your own blog is not hard at all but you must be patient because blogging takes time and attracting visitors to a blog takes time, SEO takes time so you will need to work hard in the beginning, before those first sales come in.

From many studies, new bloggers will see positive traction from Google in 3-6 months in terms of traffic so you will need to work constantly during this time.

I am a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer and I can 100% confirm that doing affiliate marketing on your own blog is the best thing you can do for yourself.

So, how can you make money by promoting Amazon products on your own blog?

1. Write the best content in your niche and recommend products

Do you remember that I talked about choosing a niche? Yeah, you need to write content on your blog that is related to your niche.

Let’s say that you have chosen to write about fitness equipment. You will write articles for example The Best Equipment for the Gym and then you will recommend products from Amazon through your unique affiliate link.

Anyone who reads your content and decides to buy a product through your blog on amazon, you will make a commission.

The best thing when it comes to making affiliate commission from a blog is that you have a target audience, you are not selling products to anyone but people who are interested in what you offer, and in that way conversion is big.

2. Write product reviews and you will immensely double the conversion

That’s right. Just write reviews (like me) on those products in your niche that are popular and wanted by people. How many times did you search on Google something like this: Product X Review, Is Product Y Worth it? etc.

People who are searching for reviews are actually those people who are ready to buy the product.

The blog is a perfect platform for writing reviews, with doing reviews you will drastically increase the organic traffic to your blog.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to buy the products t be able to promote them on your blog. Many people fail because of those thoughts.

It is more than enough to do research on that product on the internet and write a review in your own words. OF course, the information you give on your blog must be of high quality and you must give 100% accurate information, you don’t want to mislead people into low-quality products.

3. Promote and do the reviews of Amazon best-sellers

This is pretty simple and easy to understand. Amazon best-sellers are the products that sell the best and have grown in popularity.

Just choose a few best-sellers in your niche and do reviews and watch your affiliate commissions grow.

Just like I have said, a blog is one of the best ways to make money by promoting not only Amazon products but all products you can imagine.

Don’t expect that you will create a blog today and start making money tomorrow, you will need to work on that blog, to constantly publish new content and attract the target audience. Without traffic, you can’t make money.

I highly encourage you to make your own blog and work on it constantly because you can definitely make a six-figure website if you stick to it.

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2. Do Detailed Tutorials About Products

This is one more way to make a nice amount of money by promoting Amazon products. Just pick a product and do a detailed review that will give value to the potential audience.

One great way to do this besides blogging is YouTube. You probably have seen many folks doing product tutorials on their YT channel and making affiliate commissions.

You don’t even need t show your face in front of the camera, you just need to talk and review the product. Again, a great option is if you already have the product but you don’t have to.

You can make presentations or slides inside Google slides and make a video for YouTube. This will drastically increase the conversion and you will certainly make a bunch of sales.

One great option is also repurposing text into video. You just find a product review on Google and in your own words talk about it and publish it on YouTube. You can’t even imagine how many followers and likes you will get.

Of course, the most important thing you should be focused on is to give your audience VALUE, you must be honest and give them the information they want.

When you get people’s trust you can build a pretty profitable online business by promoting Amazon products.

3. Promote Amazon Products With Paid Advertisement

This is certainly one of the best and fastest ways to make money by promoting Amazon products. You just pay for traffic and be ready to make sales.

Keep in mind that for this method you should have your own blog with a couple of reviews already written. You will use Google Ads because that is the best platform for paid advertising.

So, you have at least 10 published reviews on your blog, you go to Google Adwords and start making a campaign, be careful because you will need to invest real money here to get traffic.

The advantage of this is that you don’t need to wait for organic traffic, like SEO. You will pay for the traffic and you will see traffic in a couple of minutes on your blog.

You can literally start making affiliate sales from Amazon in minutes. Of course, you will need to have quality reviews on your blog and not some garbage text.

I want to be honest and say that you should be very careful with investing in paid ads, it can be very profitable but it can also suck your money if you don’t know what you are doing.

One more thing, you must have a blog, you can’t do paid ads without owning a blog because you want people to click and land on your blog and read the review.

4. Use Social Media To Promote Amazon Products

Social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are one of the most popular platforms you will see when it comes to social media.

The great thing is that you can use them to promote Amazon products as an affiliate.

Again, everything is about traffic, you can’t do promotion if you do not have an audience. That is why is it important to build followers on social platforms like FB and Instagram. Then you just place affiliate links in bio or posts and that’s it.

Important thing is that you must have a good strategy, you should not go on social platforms and place affiliate links like that, you will be punished.

First, engage people and make them read your posts on social media, don’t spam them with affiliate links, when you build a nice amount of followers try inserting a promotion of products that are of high quality and that will give value to the potential customers.

Quora is also a great place for affiliate marketing, you can place affiliate links there but first, you should give quality answers to people’s questions and naturally insert an affiliate link that will lead a person to the sales page.

5. Use Banners On Your Website

This is still a pretty popular way to make Amazon sales by doing affiliate marketing. If you have a website (and I strongly advise you that you create one if you don’t have it) you can easily insert banners with affiliate links on the sidebar of a blog or even in the blog posts.

Although a banner will not make you millions in sales you will certainly get some extra sales from it. You can create your own banners using Canva or you can take Amazon banners and place them with the HTML code you will get from them.

Few Words For The End

I honestly hope that these tips will help you to make more money with Amazon Associates program, you can definitely make passive income doing affiliate marketing but you must work hard.

My recommendation for you is that you should create a website if you don’t have one already. Make a niche website and work on content, you will not repent doing that.

From all the above I have written about having a blog is the best option.

Sure, you can make affiliate commissions without a blog but that will be short-term, I guarantee you. Social media is great but traffic will not convert well like when you have your website and traffic on it.

In 99% everyone will tell you to build your own blog and work on it if you plan to make money online and especially by doing affiliate marketing.

You will not only make affiliate commissions from amazon but you will also make passive income online and you will make money even while you sleep, that is the beauty of blogging.

Absolutely everyone can make money with Amazon Associates but you must work hard, be consistent and never give up.

If you want to learn how to build your own website and make truly passive income online, click below and follow step by step guide!

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