10 Easy Ways To Make Money Online With a Website

Owning a website today is like you own real estate, it is that powerful. I am a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer and I know how great is to make passive income through your own website.

In this article, I am gonna share with you even 10 ways to make money online with a website that will help you to live financially free and without stress.

You probably heard that many internet gurus and marketers are telling you that you must have your own blog today if you plan to earn real and serious money online, and that is TRUE!

Sure, there are ways to make money online without a website but those are short-term earnings and I don’t really recommend it except if you really don’t have time to work on a website.

Although I will present you here 10 ways of making money with the website it is important that you first focus only on one method, don’t try to do all because you must make sure that you are profiting from one and later you can expand your monetization.

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Ways To Make Money With a Website

So, let’s see now the most popular ways of making money from a website that you must apply on your website too.

1. Affiliate Marketing – The King Of Making Money Online

That’s the right man. Definitely, the best way to monetize a website today is affiliate marketing.

You literally can’t see today a website that is not making money from affiliate marketing, everyone is doing it, even me. I have discovered a few years ago that I can make a bunch of money if I monetize my blog with this online method.

And you know what? I was not wrong, 95% of all my income comes from affiliate marketing and the numbers are crazy.

But what is actually affiliate marketing you might ask?

It is a method where you promote someone’s products or services from which you are getting a commission if someone buys the product you recommend.

You can read here in detail what is affiliate marketing and how it works and how profitable is actually affiliate marketing.

There is no limit on how much you can make from affiliate marketing, it all depends on how hard you work on your website and how much you are pumping out quality content. I suppose you already know that without traffic on a website you can’t make money with affiliate marketing or with anything.

Organic traffic is the root of your online success and your earnings. That is why you should firstly work on getting that traffic by doing SEO and writing high-quality content.

How to start doing affiliate marketing on a website?

It is very important to know the process of how to properly do affiliate marketing on y website. You can’t just pick up affiliate links and start pasting them on the entire website. You must have a strategy if you don’t want Google to penalize your website from search results.

Let’s talk a little about how can you successfully do affiliate marketing on your website and make a decent income.

1. Choose the right niche

Choosing a profitable niche is a must! You simply need to choose the evergreen niche that will never go out of season. Those types of niches are fitness, making money online, relationships, health care, pets, etc.

With an evergreen niche, you can make money for years and those earnings will be passive.

I often see people who are just starting choosing ”non-profitable” niches like travel, history, etc and they think they will make money, nope, you will not make serious money with that kind of niches.

I am in the make money online niche and I can say that I am making a steady, passive income every single day. That is because people will always want to learn how to make online business and affiliate marketers in that niche will be in profit forever.

When you have chosen your niche it’s time to start getting traffic.

2. Start building organic traffic

You can see that I have said organic traffic. That is the most precious and most valuable traffic you can get on your website and you should focus primarily on that kind of traffic.

Organic traffic is actually an audience that is coming to your website through search engines like Google. Whenever someone searches some term on Google and clicks on a website it’s counted as organic, free traffic.

You are not paying for organic traffic but you are getting it for free.

There are many ways to get traffic on a website but to get organic traffic you will need to do SEO techniques so you can attract the right audience to your website.

You must do keyword research and choose long tail keyword phrases so that you can easily rank in Google.

Keep in mind that building organic traffic takes time and you can’t start making money overnight, it will take at least 3-4 months before you start seeing positive results in terms of traffic.

But once you start getting that traffic you basically succeeded. It is worth waiting for it, I guarantee you.

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3. Start applying for affiliate programs

You probably know that you can’t make money with affiliate marketing without registering on affiliate programs in your niche.

It is crucial to find profitable and quality affiliate programs in your chosen niche so that you can make a decent income by promoting products or services.

My advice is that you should not apply to affiliate programs until you start getting some organic traffic to a website, at least 10 visitors per day.

There are thousands of affiliate programs in every niche and you will not have a problem finding one that suits you best.

In the link below you can check the most popular affiliate programs that are definitely worth promoting.

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4. Start making serious money

When you get traffic to your website and you have found good affiliate programs you are ready to start making nice money online.

Just use affiliate links and naturally place them inside your blog posts and watch your bank account grows.

Of course, you MUST promote to your audience products/services that they are interested in, you can’t promote anything, stick to your niche!

If your blog post is about teaching how to properly do bench press then you should promote fitness equipment and recommend products related to that, it is very important to be relevant and choose the products that fit your niche.

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2. Try Adding Banner Adverts On a Website

This is also a very popular method of monetizing a website. You can sign up for free on Google Adsense and a site called Media.net to start showing ads on your site.

Ads are based on people’s searches so they will see a relevant ad on your site and every time someone clicks on an ad you will get a commission.

With this method, you can easily make some quick cash but just like affiliate marketing, you will need to have a large audience coming to your site to be able to make some serious money.

There are sites that are making a living from putting ads on a website but they have thousands of visits and views per day.

When it comes to earnings you will be paid per click and the price for the click depends on many factors as one of the most important beings from which country you are. If you are from a rich country like the USA you will be paid much better than if you are from Nigeria.

I was doing Google Adsense on my blog a couple of years ago but I completely moved to affiliate marketing. You simply can’t earn with ads like you can earn with affiliate marketing, that is the fact.

Still, if you have a nice amount of traffic coming to your website you can make a living from ads but it will take you much time and patience.

3. Start Doing Product Reviews

Product reviewing is one of the great ways to start making money with your website. This is also affiliate marketing as you will be reviewing products in your niche and recommending them to your target audience.

You see examples on my blog if you click here. You can see that I am reviewing products in the make money online niche and based on that people will decide to buy products or not.

Sure, you will need to be registered on affiliate programs that are offering product links, images, banners, and other promotional material.

This is the same thing as affiliate marketing except you are doing only reviews. Let’s say for example Product A Review.

By Product A I think of any product in a given niche.

To do a great product review you will need to research those products on the internet, you don’t have to buy products to be able to review them.

It is more than enough to ”google” the product and check the first few pages that have already done the review, just write it in your own words and you will be fine.

When it comes to doing product reviews I would recommend that you stick to the chosen niche and review products only relevant to your niche, you should not review any products on different topics, stick to the niche!

4. You Can Sell Your Own Products

Honestly, I did not have any experience with this but I see many bloggers are using their websites to sell physical products they create. It is also a great way to make extra cash.

The good thing about this is that you can make your own products, like t-shirts, and sell them through your website or other sites like Etsy.

I recommend this option for more advanced affiliate marketers and bloggers because if you are a beginner you will probably not succeed right away and you will lose time trying to make some cash.

What I don’t like about this option is that you need to work on your own product, it takes time and effort.

With affiliate marketing you don’t need to worry about anything, you have affiliate programs where you register for free and your only job is to get the target audience to the sales page and that’s it.

5. Create Premium Content and Earn

I like this although I have not tried it yet. The point is that you create super engaging content on some topic that will give the audience some tips and tricks but when they scroll to find that information content is ”locked”.

You have maybe seen that on some sites, you need to pay to be able to read the entire content. Not bad at all.

I can give you an example with a gamer website. Let’s assume that you own a gaming website and you are writing about strategies how to kill the boss in the game. You engage a reader with your article and when visitors want to see the instruction on how to kill the boss content gets locked.

I am sure you understand what I am talking about. It is a great way to make extra cash from your website and you can charge for this between $3 and $15, it is pretty real and affordable.

6. Create Online Course and Sell It

Online courses are getting popular pretty damn good. You can find an online course on anything you can imagine. Writing, teaching English, programming, painting, cooking, etc.

Again, it all depends on which niche you are. I am in the make money online niche so I can (and probably will) make a course on SEO and how to write quality content that engages visitors.

I could charge between $100 and $200 for that. Just imagine the potential.

The point is that you create a course and you can promote it on your website or sell it through Udemy let’s say. If you are gonna promote it on a website you will need to have quality traffic that will be interested in what you offer.

That is why is very important to be relevant to your niche and create online courses that are correlated with a niche you have chosen for your website.

7. You Can Create Your Own Affiliate Program

That’s right my fellow friend. Affiliate programs are growing in popularity and you can expect to make a decent online income by creating your own affiliate program.

Let’s say that you have created your own product, an eBook for example. What you can do? You can make an affiliate program with the help of WordPress plugins and recruit people (affiliates) that will help you with promotion.

This can and will lead to massive traffic on your website which will result in sales.

You can charge as much as you want for your products but I recommend that you make it affordable from the start.

8. Be Free To Ask For Donations

You have created a website, you have quality content and you want to make some extra cash, what should you do?

Donations! That’s right, just install a PayPal button on your website and ask for a donation that will help you improve your website. There is nothing bad with it, people are actually making money using this method.

You will actually be surprised how many people WILL support you and your work.

There is a site called buymeacoffee.com that can help you with installation and making money from your website using this method. Check it and see for yourself.

It is definitely a great way to make some extra cash, especially if you have a large following on your website.

9. Offer Your Skills And Make Money

I like this primarily because you can make decent money, keeping in mind that you already have visitors coming to your website.

Let’s say that you specialize in SEO. You can offer your skills in that matter and people who need to rank their websites in search engines can pay you for doing that for them.

I have already had that job as a few persons contacted me via email and asked me how much I would charge to do SEO for them. It can literally become your full job because the prices are not cheap when it comes to this kind of job.

This is not only for SEO and digital marketing niche, whatever niche you are you can offer your knowledge and skills for a price. People will pay only to get a quality job done.

10. You Can Sell Your Website And Earn Decent Money

Selling a website should be your last resort but if you decide to sell it you can definitely become a rich person.

Of course, it depends on many factors and most important are how old is your website and how much you actually make from that website.

Just calculate your monthly income with x30-x40 and you will get an estimate of how much your website is worth.

The perfect place to sell a website is Flippa, you can get pretty good money selling there, and selling commissions are miserable so you will get pure profit.

Just like I have said in the beginning, owning a website is like owning real estate so you can make a decent income by selling a website but that website should be profitable.

You can’t create a website today and sell it tomorrow for a high profit, it’s not possible. You must work on that website first, increase its value and then sell it if you want.

So, The Best Way To Make Money With a Website?

Affiliate Marketing! Just like I have said it is the king of making money online, especially with a website. You can make millions by doing affiliate marketing but it takes time and patience.

But to make a living from affiliate marketing you will not need to wait much but you must work and primarily focus on getting traffic to a website. A website without traffic is NOTHING.

I can guarantee you that if you implement affiliate m, marketing on your website you will enjoy passive income online for years to come.

Just take a look at the pictures below, those are the earnings that I am achieving from my website by doing affiliate marketing and promoting many products/services RELATED to my niche.

Amazon earnings:

Those you see are all passive earnings that I am achieving on a daily basis by just doing affiliate marketing. There is no limit to how much you can make with this online business model.

Yes, affiliate marketing is an online business and if you give it a chance and time you will enjoy your earnings from it.

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