How To Create Great Titles For a Blog? – Increase Your CTR By 18%

If you landed here on this blog post I suppose that you are a blogger who wants to increase your website traffic and gain more exposure in search engines. If that’s true you have come to the right place.

Did you know that your blog title is actually the most important thing you should pay attention to as a blogger? Heck yeah! Most recent research is showing that nearly 85% of people will read the title and only 15% of them will actually read the content.

That is why you must pay close attention to blog titles and in this article, I want to show you how to create great titles for your blog that will attract more readers and actually make your readers read the whole article.

When you learn how to properly create a title for a blog you will massively increase your conversion in the search engines (CTR) and people will read your content more and with that, you will make more money as a full-time blogger.

You know, many people have boring blog titles and that is a big minus in the eyes of search engines like Google. If your blog title is boring no one is gonna click on it and that means lower rankings in Google.

Have you read my title above? If not, read it again! You can see how attractive it is and it made you click on it in the search engines.

Don’t worry, after you read this blog post you will be ready to start gaining great traffic to your site thanks to the blog titles you will create!

So, How To Create Great Titles For a Blog?

As a blogger, all your content strategy should be around keywords. As we know keywords are the root of all our success as bloggers.

The interesting thing I have found is that a great title can increase your website traffic by 500%, according to Wired research.

That is why we bloggers need to work hard on our content but also on titles as they are the first thing people will see in search engines and depending on your title people will click on it or avoid it.

In this article, I will meet you with many different blog title styles that you should pay attention to and these titles will help you to maximize your CTR and get more traffic.

Before I start talking in more detail about blog title styles let’s see what kind of titles we have and what we should use on our website if we want more traffic:

  • How To Titles
  • Listings
  • Where, When, and Why Titles
  • Guides and Checklists
  • Versus Titles

Those are the title styles that will greatly increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and with that, you will see a great spike in your website traffic and conversion in terms of sales.

You know, when I was starting as a blogger I was writing very boring titles for my blog posts. I would only put a target keyword in the title and that’s it. Although you need to use a target keyword in the title it is not enough to get clicks and traffic.

To get as much traffic and clicks to your website you must use attractive blog titles that are supposed to increase your CTR.

That is why I want to explain each one of the title styles you should start using when it comes to blogging.

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1. ”How To” Blog Titles – One Of The Most Popular

How-to articles are definitely one of the most popular ones and actually, they bring the most visitors to your blog. It is very important that you have ”How To” blog posts on your website if your plan is to get as much traffic as possible.

How-to articles are there to primarily educate people about something and show them how to do something (what they search for).

Let me show you some examples when it comes to the How to titles:

As you can see from the examples, those titles are very simple yet powerful. They are saying people that they will learn something and people can expect to find answers to their questions related to the query they typed in search engines.

When it comes to the How to articles make sure that you put ”How to” at the very start of your title and define what is the goal of your blog post. You should definitely avoid putting something in the title that is not included in the actual article. Just stick to the topic you cover in the article!

If it is possible try to use bonuses after the title, like in the first example I mentioned above. In that way, you will increase your CTR and get much more clicks which will lead to more traffic and ultimately more revenue.

Of course, I should not forget to mention that you MUST include your target keyword in the title if you want to rank in the search engines.

2. Listings Titles

This format of title is also extremely popular and also brings a big CTR. With this style, you are using a list as your blog structure and I can say from my personal experience that this is much easier to write than How-to articles.

Let me give you some examples of this title format:

You can see what it looks like. If you click on some of the links above you can see that those articles are structured as a list and people actually enjoy reading that format.

Researchers are showing that these titles attract more clicks and views as there is a psychological factor in them. When people see the numbers in the title they are more likely to click on it. Imagine those titles above without a number, would you rather click on them without a number or with one?

That is why it is very recommended that you use numbers in your titles, not every time but sometimes and you will see how those articles are getting more clicks and views.

3. Question-Related Titles

If you start using question-related blog titles you will definitely see a great increase in CTR and website traffic. Remember that you should not use questions just like that but you need to answer the search query.

If people are not searching for the question you should not put it in the title. So, it is important that you do research in your niche related to the questions people are asking in search engines.

Let’s see some examples based on this format of titles:

Sure, you don’t need only to use ”what” but also ”when”, ”why”, ”who”, ”where”, and ”which”, those are all the questions people may search for in the search engines, depending on your niche.

The titles I give you above as an example are actually the target keywords I wrote an article for and those questions people are searching for so I am focusing on search intent which is the most important thing.

4. Guides And Checklists

These formats of blog titles are maybe the hardest to write but are definitely worth your time. Actually, ultimate guides and checklists attract visitors to a maximum level so you should work on it.

Most of the time the guides are long-form articles with deep information and this type of title converts the best. Your CTR will rock with these title formats.

I want to give you some examples:

I have not yet started writing ultimate guides or checklists because it would take me a lot of time but honestly, I plan to use them in my content strategy because I am seeing on some websites that those types of titles are getting the most visitors.

I want to mention that it is a must that you do keyword research before you come up with a title idea. When you have your target keyword you can use different title strategies to increase your CTR but if your target keyword is not popular and searched by people, your blog title will not serve you.

5. ”Versus” Blog Titles

”Versus” blog titles are also one of the very important ones and ones that are getting the most clicks and conversions.

This format is focused mostly on the comparison so you can implement it in your content strategy when you have two or more products or services to compare.

In this type of article, you want to tell everything about the products you are writing about and you should compare which one is better if people are deciding between two or more.

Let’s see some examples of this format:

  • Wix vs WordPress – Which One Is Better?
  • Neteller vs Skrill – What Is The Difference?

When you are writing this type of title you want to put VS at the beginning and not after the title. You can see it in the examples above.

Many people are avoiding this format of blog titles but you can be sure that it is highly popular and searchable by people. You can easily beat the competition with the ”Versus” style of blog titles.

Some Final Words About Blog Titles

I honestly hope that this article helped you to understand how to increase your CTR by creating great titles for your blog. Not only this will increase your CTR and traffic but also revenue because that is our primary goal with our blog.

Make sure that you first do keyword research and then you should come up with a title idea like described above.

Remember, it is very important that you do NOT create great and interesting blog titles before doing keyword research because your target keyword must be in the title.

You can have an awesome blog title but if it is something that is not searched in the search engines all your effort will be in vain.

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